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    <font color=purple>Houdini latest addition to the zoo first two pics


    and Khan






    some of my babies


    The turtles  out of the pond enjoying the sun



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    That’s a cat


    What sort of snake is that then angel?


    Shadow taking over the bed  lazy sod didnt wanna go walkies


    Smudge cooling off in the bath


    I dont get people who say “I prefar my dog vs humans” it is like they are either social rejects, or they have gave up finding a decent human.


    Yes, dogs are more loyal and don’t talk crap or moan at you for not washing up the spoons.




    Snake after he had just shed his old skin




    I love that pic !!!   look at that lovely soft muzzle ….. wanna mwahhh it.  Do you think he’ll ever grow in to those magnificent ears ?!! lol  gawjus !!

Viewing 10 posts - 191 through 200 (of 217 total)

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