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    He is absolutley gorgeous,your so lucky.

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    Kazzie, hes a little beauty! They are a great breed and will demand lots of attention even from strangers haha. We grew up with a springer spaniel, a  handsome liver and white named Charlie.  They definitely aren’t a one person dog. Be prepared for lots of walks lol.

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    My handsome boy :heart:


    Thanks Sophia, I live out in the countryside so have lots of beautiful walks I can take him on and I cannot wait x x x


    Beautiful face Angelbabe bet he’s a softy!

    he is as soft as a brush until you tell him to watch them, then god help you if you attempt to take a step coz he will rip your arm off lol


    Beautiful puppy Kazzie bet you cant wait to have him with you :)

    and he is very handsome Sophia


    Your all very lucky,im so broody for a pet now lol

Viewing 7 posts - 211 through 217 (of 217 total)

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