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    Funny cats dont like water, mine does. She jumps in shower with me all the time. When it rains, rolls out in grass..hey say cats don’t climb trees get stuck. Mine runs up and down like a disrespect to cat lovers, never really liked them. But my first lived to be 20, stray 2nd  now 12, thinks she dog and kitten. Hee. She more hunter than my dogs ever were.

    But yes family no matter what..


    The circus lies within, the serpent lies coiled in Naples.

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    potted Susie

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    Seen as everyone else has got their cats out, I was feeling left out so here are mine.

    Elvis and Lisa Marie his daughter.

    Image result for pictures of bengal tigers



    Sceppers was always teachers pet and so was linda………….LMAO RATF PML….give my regards to orson…


    i rember having a hamster his name was mr tibbs anyway mr tibbs became poorly and my father kindly agreed to take him to the vets after his intial outburst anyway i rember my father saying you got to be kidding 9 pounds for a injection the hamster was 50p and he stormed off my mother picked me up and 4 hours later he came home and mrs tibbs had a diffrent colour coat thats not mr tibbs i screamed it is he said and he convinced me otherwise but mr tibbs if you are out there and reading this ive never forgot you i live in hope xx

    Awww this story made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, how your mother picked you up in your late 50’s and your father lovingly bought you a new hamster.Thanks, yours are truly beautiful too :)


    When a dog doesn’t get walked its nails can become crippling, then it will show any sign to you it needs them chopped.

    Lovely dog by the way :)

    Is that one of those brand new latest widescreen  smart tv’s in the back ground I wonder.


    I had a dog with long nails once……… walked very wuffly……..LOL PML LMAO


    Sounds like you have refused to nail dogs, as their may be a little wuff.

Viewing 10 posts - 221 through 230 (of 235 total)

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