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    Am i missing some thing here or is sceppers just plain blind and stupid?..LMAO RATF PML TOL


    Suspicious wind in my lonely soul sounds like a deep sigh,

    Anticipating morning breeze tells me its not yet time to cry.

    Surreptitious winding dark road ahead is full of mystery,

    Scarcely inside my head my thoughts of a truthful history.

    On wards upwards spiralling with my inner self rewards,

    Listening to my deserted voice hitting all the chords.

    Bewildered pain within my heart is killing me i confess,

    I am just an average bloke perplexed yet not here to impress.

    Glazed and lost on a foggy road ahead holding on tonight,

    Appearing to have not lost my intuition loosing my sight.

    So like a floating balloon who knows where it will take me,

    Like a flying love dove ascending just hoping to be free.

    Up into the clouds god only knowing wherever i will land,

    Hopefully by a seaside with clear water and soft sand.

    The joy my new friend brings gets me through the day,

    Time to treat them right and forever they will stay.

    :heart: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :heart:



    I used to put down poems when they were posted here, but have decided to go to the opposite extreme and welcome all.


    Encourage, and point in a better direction.


    You could look up some of mizzy’s poems. They not only rhyme, but they have rhythm. The rhythm doesn’t always work, but she’s a natural poet because she has a natural sense of rhythm.

    Not that all poems need rhythm, but they need something to separate them form birthcard card greetings.

    Anyone can rhyme

    if only they have all the world and time

    They can listen to a song

    and know that once in a lifetime if they try they may write a song too but get it wrong.

    If you listen to some jazz

    which is cool and schnazz

    and your mate Baz

    can tell you that all the instruments are there in the jazz

    but something is terribly wrong and

    it ain’t jazz.


    So rhyming is easy

    look at q’s efforts if you want to feel queasy

    He writes down the lane

    and doesn’t even have a brain


    q’s a cheery old card

    said alfie to jack

    as they went up to f3 with cards and pack

    but he fouled them both up with a sack of crap.


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    For those who don’t know Siegfried Sassoon,

    who had both rhyme and rhythm

    I shamelessly copied and adapted him in the last 4 lines.

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    Still howling @ ” like a flying love dove ” :yahoo:


    Hello Mooosey88  Nice To Meet You I Am Jack.


    I’m not a poet but I’ll give it a go…..

    There once was a freak in a daft bobble hat,

    He thought himself clever, but just looked like a prat,

    He had lots of names,

    And liked to ‘play games’,

    But people just laughed at the silly old [email protected]


    apologies to lovers of Poetry

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    It’s great to see all the aspiring Lord Tennysons and their poetry … after speaking to my publisher the first poem is enroute to publication but here is a sneak preview

    There was once a chatter called hugs and wink,

    After putting posters pics on gay sites he ended up in the clink,

    His first night on B block he regretted that terrible sin,

    As a big butch 6ft 5 con called Bubba broke him in,

    As his new cellmate took charge old hugs  cried for his mum

    Bubba took no notice and slid up his bum !

    You are getting married whispered Phils new man

    No more changing mummys putrid old bedpan

    A white wedding in B block quickly took place

    As old hugsnwinks was pounded pillow on face

    You will be my wife Bubba  whispered  in phils ear

    The good news is hugs topped himself so we wont see the jc wanker of the year




    You be sure to have a nice day now  :good:


    For those who don’t know Siegfried Sassoon,

    who had both rhyme and rhythm

    I shamelessly copied and adapted him in the last 4 lines.

    He is great him, my hair has never looked better.


    i think i might become gay


    Moosey laughing at him self?…that’ll be the day………………….LMAO RATF PML……………..


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