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    Guilty or Not Guilty ?

    Accompanied with your opinion!

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    Hello justice welcome to just chat,,,,,

    I went to a haloween party, and the host said what have you come as?

    A prince i said.

    Thats not very scary he said.

    Its Andrew i said.

    Oh he said.

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    Thanks milkman❤


    Guilty or Not Guilty ?

    Accompanied with your opinion!

    Definitely Guilty,

    how can he deny meeting someone when they have photographic evidence of him with his arm around her

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    Thanks for your post on my thread❤

    Wall to wall sunshine today and I’m off to the beach with my super deluxe recliner and my cooler box. Filled with chicken drumsticks, steak bakes along with tuna n cucumber sandwiches and 4 bottles of expensive red wine.

    See u soon folks. Cmon pop on my thread, my aim is to see if it is an unanimous decision!


    ps… thanks laine❤


    The shaun attwood podcast, features paul page, one of andrews protection squad.

    I fully recommend watching it.

    Also shaun attwood, names in epsteins black book.

    Some intresting names in that.

    Hows the picnic going justice, sounds a smorgasbord of delights.

    There is also a bus driving around london, with a big picture of andrew saying anyone seen this man, contact the fbi.

    Hey, i think theres a chance epsteins alive, he had to many peoples money tied to kill like that.

    I think he could be hiding out in darlington, or somewhere lowkey like that.



    Thanks milkman.❤


    Thanks milkman I’m feeling tikeddy boo on the beach stuffing my ……..!


    Justice, i dont know if you are aware, i own the dolphin hotel in blackpool.

    On a popular, site that reviews hotels, it claims, its more a hostel vibe for people trying to get off drugs.

    Rather insulting to say the least.

    Just had a bloke called andrew windsor check in.

    Come to the dolphin hotel guys, feel free to post pictures of the establishment i own.

    Im thinking of buying a vineyard tbh,

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 20 total)

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