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    Justice, sorry for going off course here, but do you like the tv series, auf wiedersehen pet.

    I loved it, me.

    Are you aware of the scene when the 3 newcastle fans back down from bomber roach, when he tells them what football team he supports?

    Rip gary holton.

    Rip pat roach.

    Bristol city ran that building site in germany,

    Make no mistake about this.

    Intresting fact, the only actor in all 3 india jones movies was pat roach.



    Bar harrison ford, of course, rip pat roach.


    Darth vader, david prowse, fellow bristol city fan.

    We are everywhere.

    We are the east end ashton gate.


    The wrestling, at the colston hall in bristol in the 80s was great.

    I saw women put cigs out on wrestlers legs, it was horrible,

    There was this one gay guy called austin, who had a hat with a bowl of fruit on top.

    One day, when the women rushed forward, to put out a cig on pat roachs leg,

    Austin, got caught up in the melee. his hat got damaged, the plastic fruit was everywhere.


    There are bristol city fans in films.

    One of us, is worth ten, of the likes of matt lucas, arsenels most famous celebrity.

    Not to mention, russel osman, in escape to victory.



    I would like to see alfie back on the boards.

    There seems to be a lot of one way sarcastic comments about his team.

    I have grave concerns, about the direction, this once great club are going in.

    I would like to voice, them to him, in a civil manner.

    I know, when, i outlay my concerns, like paying ozil, 350k, a week, he cant even take a corner.

    He will respond politely.

    Dust off the boots alf, paul scholes retired early x


    Thanks milkman..❤


    Enjoy my special 1


    Just a little music I composed myself for my very special friend milkman.

    Hope you enjoy it sweetheart as you inspired me to compose this just for you❤



    Hey hey hey. Geez should i be jealous here?

    Just as long as it between friends  :unsure:   :yahoo:

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 20 total)

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