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    HA!  I’m kinda liking the sound of Bognor now.  I was fancying tootling off towards Santorini at some point this year.  But I’m advancing in years and it looks terribly hilly.  It was very ‘steep sorta hilly’ in Amalfi of late and I didn’t really venture back up the hillock for the entire week.  You could have saved me a tidy fortune in selling Bognor in this fashion.  I’d love to spend a week not dancing in Bognor.

    What an absolute gem you are!


    Soooooo annoying!


    Bugger. Lol. Il try later.  Grrrrr

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    im getting a nice big mty space where room should be . lol lol

    cheers  rogue

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    There is a problem with the site it has been reported. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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    American, from Wigan ????


    Since when lol


    I too was chatting earlier this morning. Thin air everything cleaned out. Could not get into any rooms.

    Thought no one loved me any more boo hoo, or had been removed cause I was a bad girl on defense of my honor. Oops….

    Well will see you all when operational again..right now I have snow storm….

    Big boo boo…….

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    i got in chat just could type in main room lol i could type in pm lol :yahoo: :wacko:

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    i couldnt type in main is what i meant lol


    I use UK chatters too travel gent.

    Not often though as its crapola

    whats your name on there?

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