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    Anyone else unable to get into any of the chat room or just me  ?  if its just me any ideas  ?

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    No patsy it isn’t just you.  I’m starting to wonder if the place has tanked?

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    and why is it stating these posts were made an hour from now? Ha!


    Hackers, UK chatters is also down


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    How the heck would you know?  You’re American!  (chortle wheeze)


    American, from Wigan ????

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    Is Wigan anywhere near Bognor?  I’ve heard Bognor rocks.  Shall I go to the bank and hope this little glitch is fixed by my return?  Or shall I put some gunk on my hair?  Ooooooooh I have so much time now this place is broken down.


    Is Bognor near Arundel? If so, no, it is near Chichester. Go to the bank


    Well travelled and helpful.  How wonderful you are.  I’m gathering my NatWest junk as I type.  Many thanks!


    My only time in Bognor I drank in a bar where a sign on the dance floor stated “NO DANCING”

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 21 total)

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