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    cool somer i will have a nosey laters thanks x

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    Dont get me wrong Ab there is some crap in there but tonight but if it works watch the carts as they break down into 3 bits tractor,trailer,and generator so there more the 50 foot long and have to be moved to the next carnival.Enjoy x



    Carnival is always regulated somer due to size of towns, streets and turns etc.


    Its to do with max road vehicle length Q so overtaking is not so dangerous when going from town to town



    Bridgwater Carnival winner 2017
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    was a good parade some lovely floats somer thanks for link x


    How chav!


    How chav!

    What is?


    No surprise Gremlins winning! they have done some great floats and win nearly every year. They also use some beautiful color schemes which go really well in the light. According to the local paper, nearly one million lights and LEDs were used. More than 8 megawatts power the procession of 45 floats

    Wells globe Carnivals entry has 64 moving parts and their 100 foot entry has 34 wheels using the same amount of electric as 466 boiling kettles or 2,616 televisions.


    Nottingham Hospitals Charity needs YOU to be a Nottingham legend for the day – and help them break a Guinness World Record!

    The Charity is aiming to break the World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Robin Hood by hosting Robin’s Big World Record, a free community fun day, at Wollaton Park on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May.

    People of all ages can get involved – and entrance is free! Costumes can be homemade or bought from the Charity’s online store; the only specifications are that it must include a green Robin Hood hat with a feather, a green or brown tunic (or T-shirt), and green, brown or black trousers or tights.

    As well as the very serious attempt of breaking a Guinness World Record, the event will include market stalls, games, music, workshops, awards for best costumes, and fundraising activities for all ages. All proceeds raised by the market and activities will go to the Big Appeal for Nottingham Children’s Hospital, which aims to provide improved parent and family accommodation, state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging equipment, and vital research into childhood diseases.

    Local businesses are also rallying to show their support, with many hosting stalls or activities, all with the aim of raising funds for the Big Appeal.

    To find out more or to sign up to Robin’s Big World Record, please go to, contact Nottingham Hospitals Charity by emailing [email protected] or calling 0115 962 7905, and keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for #RobinsBigWorldRecord

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 118 total)

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