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    Yesterday we were told about the passing of Ruby Red.RIP Ruby you will be missed by many on JC.You really made me laugh, You were witty, clever and funny and I used to hang on to every word when you were chatting ,enjoyed your company in chat so much. Bless you Ruby and your lovely family. I know you will be watching over your wee man.x

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    Blessed be.

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    Gutted. Loved Rubes, she was a lovely lady, very funny, kind hearted and passionate about her beliefs, without taking herself too seriously. Many happy memories of having a giggle with Rubes, will miss her very much. :-(

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    Gods waiting room





    Suz will be missed


    Her zest to say what she felt was right never to be forgotten. She open and honest with her feelings and this too will be her legacy at JC.

    Hope she not giving them hell of a time now. Sure she telling many

    Rest in go girl….

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    Now that news has given me a sad day today.

    She was one of those characters who defined jc when i first arrived, and defined it thereafter.

    When she appeared, in the chatrooms or the boards, she just couldn’t be ignored.

    I did get the impression this last year that she wasn’t feeling well, but she never advertised the fact. Her problems came out in asides, never moaning.

    We tried to figure out whether we knew one another from the Dalston days, when she was a punkette teens-to-twenties, and would swap descriptions to jog a memory. Now when i think of her I wonder at which table in the Labour Club she was sitting. The picture she conjured up for me was of a smiling youngster, which is what she was then. When we talked of Kingsland High Street etc they weren’t just names on an A-Z, but real places where you would bump into people you know, and places where you would go for a dance on a Saturday night.

    I always told you to take care, Rubes, and you take care now, sweet heart. You are missed.

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    Very sorry to hear the passing of another chatter :cry:

    R.I.P. lovely Ruby xxx


    RIP Rubes  :-(


    Haven’t trawled through the boards for a long time and I am very sorry to read about Ruby. A very funny and clever lady, who I’m sure will be missed very much x

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