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    Isn’t it the guides jobs to be impartial and not use barbed sarcasm ?


    @trapper wrote:

    Isn’t it the guides jobs to be impartial and not use barbed sarcasm ?

    Oops I forgot.


    oh dont be upsetting her trap ffs
    im trying to worm me way in here 8)


    Moi upset someone heaven forfend ..merely wondering if it was different in my guiding days


    ah the underbelly sneaky here we go he wont get it gag of a gig job
    yes i saw it,we all saw it,your first word was moi
    is that a dig at me mate?


    What the word moi ??? Maybe LD was right I am stupid, cause I aint got a clue what you’re on about


    oh just leave it,it doesnt matter ,i just got the wrong end of the stick thats all


    im loved what can i say :D


    You are absolutely right on many points Gemma, however, you can only judge on what you see at the time you are chatting, as all of us guides can. You will not have seen this morning how moons started on mr pat for no reason whatsoever. It was cruel, it was unnecessary and it was way out of order and therefore deserved a banning and most of you would be the first to complain if she was allowed to continue with it. That wasn’t an isolated incident, it often happens.

    Yes you are as guilty as Kenty and Laine of annoying people simply because of how you are as I am and many others but if any of us let it get to us then our chat life would be over wouldn’t it?

    As you said it’s time be grown up about it and enjoy the chat and ignore those that tend to wind you up. It is after all only a chatroom and I simply can’t understand why people take up so much energy getting so upset about people they can simply put on ignore and have no contact with.

    It never ceases to amaze me the imagination you all have about who is gagged or banned and the reasons or none reasons for this. As for the name changers, I will reveal to you now that NS and I have quite a giggle about how some of you think you know who they are when in reality you are way off the mark.

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    Look I will accept my banning over mr pat. Although he really dose go over the score with the pervy chat in the room, It really dose make me think, why is this bloke getting of with this.I really don’t think he means any harm, but a few times iv thought he knows hes stretching the boundary’s ,hr knows hes going over the score, he also knows nor one word will be sed to him. Good old mr pat.
    As for laine,you know what she does and you don’t give a shyte.I remember being in the room while you were laughing with her because I knew that you talked with each other on the phone. You were egging her on. Its my own fault I get poked and prodded in the room, I have made enemies. Just a shame laine used that. Talk about opportunity knocks.
    Please though don’t brush over what gems is saying though because its important, she is not the only one to suss laine out.
    I have suffered all sorts of abuse from mcfc and Tracy, got to the point where I thought, I must be mad or something. The guides must be blind. I never complained to a guide except once and I just knew nothing would be done, or sed to them.I really think Tracy forgets a woman can make a mistake,got for bid there true nature is modesty and the things that she says cause a person to be so affronted that they cringe and cry.I would take another woman’s photo and hand it out to men and laugh about it. Disgusting woman, in my book. Who when I gave her some of her own medicine, made a thinly disguised threat to come to my house. Im no threat to anyone on jc LD,i suggest you open your eyes and look at all chatters.


    Who’s Gemma ffs :?

    trouble is people know who the guides are, whether because the guides tell them or because “de management” make it obvious by using the persons initials.

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