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    ive heard thins got erectile disfunction probs
    but it migt just be a nasty slur :P


    him or his horse lol :shock:


    I don’t suffer from premature ejaculation

    I enjoy it :D


    Bugs Bunny had the last word on prem ejac….

    no guesses for what he’s holding apart


    cummings? :D


    @rogue trader wrote:

    claire you do realised we are fckd when rosie gets back from shopping
    with her suet batter mix

    God I really fancy a suet treacle pudding now with custard like my mum used to make with whipped evaporated milk.


    oh is this where you are ld ok i will ask again how come claire is ungagged and im not?


    @gemma1969 wrote:

    Sorry to hear you are upset Moons.

    None of us are angels and I am as guilty as the rest of being unfair and a gobshyte at times and you and I have had our moments but do agree that you are being goaded. I have kept my mouth shut now for quite a while apart from calling Kenty and Laine a pair of witches as they were….goading! Maybe harsh especially to Kenty, and I can be a witch myself! (toad turning to follow!) But whether she knows she is doing it……or not…..she does goad. Like someone mentioned on the other thread try not to bite ( I know I did and regretted lowering myself to the sweetie level ). After watching 3 chatters being called the raggedy 3 by Laine the other day (and to be fair to the guide in who questioned what this meant) I do feel that Laine uses this apparent abuse to enable her victim status further.

    I used to iggy on sight, then decided as an adult I could be in a room and say nothing to those I didnt wish to converse with…..then learnt I couldn’t when pushed!! Try not ta take it to heart Moons! It’s someone with their own issues, like we all do…..making themselves known!

    Be Happy hun! enjoy the chatters that you get on with and try to ignore the ones that feel the need to bring you down for their own gain!

    You are absolutely right on many points Gemma, however, you can only judge on what you see at the time you are chatting, as all of us guides can. You will not have seen this morning how moons started on mr pat for no reason whatsoever. It was cruel, it was unnecessary and it was way out of order and therefore deserved a banning and most of you would be the first to complain if she was allowed to continue with it. That wasn’t an isolated incident, it often happens.

    Yes you are as guilty as Kenty and Laine of annoying people simply because of how you are as I am and many others but if any of us let it get to us then our chat life would be over wouldn’t it?

    As you said it’s time be grown up about it and enjoy the chat and ignore those that tend to wind you up. It is after all only a chatroom and I simply can’t understand why people take up so much energy getting so upset about people they can simply put on ignore and have no contact with.

    It never ceases to amaze me the imagination you all have about who is gagged or banned and the reasons or none reasons for this. As for the name changers, I will reveal to you now that NS and I have quite a giggle about how some of you think you know who they are when in reality you are way off the mark.



    But isnt it the guides jobs to remove the wind up merchants ?


    @trapper wrote:

    But isnt it the guides jobs to remove the wind up merchants ?

    Well unless your completely thick trapper you know as well as I do you can’t remove them for long!

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