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    Mister Q do i know you as chatters there is a few :unsure:

    Hello thanks for your post and your content :unsure:

    Maybe you popped down for heaven god sent :unsure:

    Hope you’re feeling good and having a nice day :unsure:

    Give me a call maybe sometime we can go out and play :unsure:


    Bragging all day he had popped off his folks

    Awww so upset he broke his bmx spokes

    Saying he let their handbrake off pushing them over a cliff

    Could be just getting on a bit feeling old his hair in a quiff

    His poor dog was feeling hungry so ran off and left him

    Never types a full coherent sentence making him look ever so dim

    He mocked some poor mother  because her daughter was terminally ill

    Met a girl from here who could be his brother Supporting him like a chill

    A total disgrace to her profession letting him mock the same people she looks after

    Both being the thickest on the net so hard to pick which one is dafter

    He must feel so much self hate posting his own number to find a mate

    Face all inflated bruised and battered  no self respect she sets up a date

    So when they meet up he pulls her hair does what he likes has no flare

    In life they have failed full of despair Lonely and lost and just don’t care

    The ashtray seems to have so much life watching her pain and her strife

    Worms and spiders they are rife maybe when their watching they need a knife

    Now she has been thumped hair pulled bruised and battered and dumped

    When she breaths it’s like she pumped hair scattered feeling confused and bumped

    This one has baggage and bags under her eyes trying to get back someone we despise

    So now he’s moved on we all need no more lies he needs to tell her so she cries :yahoo:

    Then when she gets him out of her tiny mind a new chat love she may find :yahoo:

    Yes i know the way she is they won’t be kind But ask me if i would even mind :yahoo:

    Yes he is a deceitful and a cheat just treats girls like a peace of meat :yahoo:

    His demons he needs to defeat hope  his new girlfriend don’t smell  his feet :yahoo:



    i am justnothing, i might be dumb i might be mental, but at least i still have my paper and pencil, so i can write down who is more foolish and or mental.

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    Justnothing  is a great bloke with a big heart and is my special friend

    He is so handsome and smart stopped me going around the bend

    Went out of his way just to make me feel welcome and feel okay

    In my heart i’m sure he will stay until i’m old and going so grey

    Wished we could meet up to  go out and play now that would be a great day

    He loves to cook chips i wish him all the best the best chatter here no contest

    He has great hips better than the rest he was so nice never asked to see my chest

    Such a shexy bloke he is so fit he don’t smoke and makes me smile more than a bit

    He Don’t drink alcohol and he don’t skit maybe if he new i loved he would flit

    Getting the max on machines at the gym makes him motivated and not dim

    Maybe the pic he showed me with his hair trim one should really get married to him

    :heart: :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:




    Their was a guy who joined here :yahoo:

    As i watched the morons appear :yahoo:

    I’m sure i tried to warn him :yahoo:

    As he was funny but not dim :yahoo:

    Ever so charismatic and sane :yahoo:

    Hope his brain ain’t decaying :yahoo:

    Gad suffer warns the girls away :yahoo:

    Stamina and will makes him stay :yahoo:

    Now he’s won the girls hearts :yahoo:

    His haters heads falling aparts :yahoo:

    Spouting out thee old bull :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    Is he from Ipswich or from hull :yahoo:

    He whips him so good funny to see :yahoo:

    Maybe he’s just right for lovely me :yahoo:




    Hello guys my name is Donna and i’m not dim

    Yes that’s right i workout and go to the gym

    To right i like diamond rings i’m so flash

    Don’t like dings who flash the cash

    My body all lush and suntanned

    Don’t need a skint man sounds so bland

    My car is pink so shiny love her so

    Own my own house so smart i no

    All the boys try to catch my attention

    Oh i’m gorgeous did i mention

    Own my own business makes me so rich

    Yes you guessed i’m a  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:


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    Some guest keeps asking me to pm thought okay so asked them when

    No reply so i popped into see they said look don’t tell on me

    Been naughty and had to flee then asked don’t click the block key

    Morg is my name i have no shame i’m always the one that they blame

    They have no game said his names graham would i be his dame

    I said slow down what is wrong shall i sing you a song ding dong

    He replied i’m no clown i’m no dong and no i don’t want a bliddy song

    As he went on he was charismatic saying iv’e been instigated as a chat brute

    Sounded so sophisticated and i investigated and found out he was very acute

    Our love bloomed like a summer flower  as we chatted for nearly an hour

    Then he asked if he could take me for a drink so i gave it a little think

    But he had been booted before i could blink will he ever come back from the brink

    So as the man of my dreams seems to have gone forever

    Will he ever come back  oh flick it i’m a lady of leisure  :good:   :bye:





    Feeling lonely lost and scared empty inside and out his head

    Wanting to go back to his bed so empty inside and in the shed

    Lost everything and everyone that was close to his heart

    Decided it’s time just to fall apart his life in pain what a start

    Feeling angry and alone maybe he just wants a lethal injection

    Cold and hard like a stone just wanting some affection

    Jumped on a midnight train no direction no destination

    Went to the local got smashed and had a small celebration :yahoo:



    Yes he’s backward and very slow                                                                                                  Scared to go to the bookies in the snow

    Now he types to himself i \o/ win destroyed

    Filling his under crackers as his lost bets are void

    Empty pockets not a pot to pee in

    Nothing to eat and getting thin

    First cage fight got smashed up

    Ruined his career can’t drink out a cup

    Yes all broke can not even light a lighter

    Yes he lost his first fight as a cage fighter

    Yes empty pockets saying i \o/win as his losing bets are void

    This seems to be when he types i \o/ win and then destroyed

    So plays on the exchanges exchanging his cash for fresh air

    Then comes on here in total despair yup that’s right pulling out his hair

    He made William hills go bust just through his  gambling lust

    Not a pot to pee in just trying to earn a little wee crust

    Closed down ladbrokes as he is the pro gambler

    and also bet fred as he is a horse poop rambler

    Shouting destroyed and i \o/ win yes that’s right he is a drip

    He destroys himself as no one replies ha that’s right he needs a kip

    So spending 24 hours on here makes his bedsit look like a pigsty

    Says he wins on the horses maybe he’s had to many pills and he’s high

    He sends threatening vocaroos so vile and disgusting that made us spew

    Just to the women from the loo maybe his heads in the clouds land cuckooo

    When he first come here start typing loopholes in a vile law

    So now we have all blocked  him as he makes our heads feel sore

    Seems like a nervous ship wreck all he types is they are trolls who gives a heck

    Schoolboy tactic calling others trolls when he’s a trolls moll on a lower deck

    In their vocaroos he laughed and laughed and laughed sounded like he was a wreck

    A few female chatters have not returned whats he done to them are the burned

    He keeps saying block them guys Yes that’s his disguise but we now have learned

    Keeps saying he has them hid them i did bury or is he just desperate to pop his cherry

    One has to think his brain fuddled in a hurry sprinting to the bookies for his £1 off Kerry

    Types to himself he’s having beans on toast that he is richer than most

    When will he see we know its a lie a feeble boast maybe he needs to eat a roast

    But as his pockets are empty and have a big hole

    He types to himself and scrounges of the dole :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:



    This probably isn’t the right time…but Sceppers always slagged off my rhyme……now he’s just doing a like..Is his name really Mike?

    I made up the name Mike to rhyme with like…….so as you can see must be time for sceppers tea…LOL

    LOL was not part of my original rhyme but as one can tell i always LOL at the right time…..

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