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    This week saw the revelation that Northumbria Constabulary used a convicted paedophile as a paid informant. The informant was paid just under 10k over 21 months to pass on information regarding parties where young girls were being given drugs and alcohol then abused by a gang of men. The parties were known as ‘sessions’.

    So far, 278 victims have been identified with 18 people being convicted.

    Many child protection agencies have voiced deep concern about using a convicted paedophile for such purposes, saying a line had been crossed.

    Had it?


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    All them people caught and sent down uni was a good result in my book,And the police said he was there for info nowhere near the “party’s”

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    maybe its a line we need to cross? if it gets results . has these men  worried that anybody may sell them out  etc.. then an investment in young  kids futures and though one may argue finer political points and  niceties. real world is full of nasty folk and its the innocents whom get hurt.   we need many more  that can point  fingers and put  nasty people  away  and  frightened to  abuse others etc.   :good:   :good:

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    Well how better to catch one of these disgusting people than to use ‘one of their own’.   They know all the secrets and ways to do what they do.  The b****rds were caught and stopped, I think that if that method works, it must be a positive thing, although I’m not sure such  a big reward is justified, how about IF YOU DONT HELP US WE WILL CHOP YOUR BALLS OFF YOU DIRTY DISGUSTING PIECE OF CRAP.  I suppose that is still kind of an incentive.

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    Why do you need to use an actual pedeophile for this?

    Uncover police officers are trained for this kind of job.


    In my opinion was the £10,000 worth it to highlight the fact that these Pakistani, Indian, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Bangladeshi origins who were arrested  have a child rape culture? ex-IRA terrorists were paid  to infiltrate the IRA, paying informants has gone on for years its nothing new . Sometimes it needs to be done for the greater good.  I am glad the truth is out.This child rapist has over 53 convictions and spent 7 years in prison for plying a 15 year old girl with drink and gang raping her!! how can this scumbag be trusted to give this information as fact! . I noticed A complete lack of the graphic details of the crimes. Limited mention of the sexual abuses, rapes, molestations caused by these foul men plus one woman. The community should demand their deportation upon the conclusion of their prison terms. This is not an isolated matter and is still going on in places like Manchester, Bolton, Preston, and many other areas infested with the blight of such sick perverted humans as these, many of whom share a particular belief. These people have no respect for the host country in which they live, no respect for the police force because they know were a soft touch.

    I hope  this child rapist is constantly looking over his shoulders in fear and every penny brings this sick bastard total misery. This country is in a mess it needs to weed out these sick child molesters.  The disgusting state of the UK and its over protection of thses rapists! and other scumbags. Police who are crippled by political correctness scared to be accused of racism let things go unchecked.

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    I don’t know enough about the details.

    But the morality  of using someone who has been convicted and punished for his crimes is very disturbing, but if it brings results, if it saves children, then let it be so, as long as safeguards are in place to stop the ex-crim from repeating his crimes. I believe that there were such safeguards, but they don’t seem to have publicised them – understandably, I guess.


    What’s the alternative? To keep your hands clean from dealing with such people and letting other kids get hurt? I don’t think anybody wants that.


    The main danger seems to be that the informer was also a known liar, and that could have jeopardised the convictions. I’m surprised that they risked this.


    And paying him money is wrong. He should have been told that his conscience could be clearer. But if he would only do it for money, then pay him. It’s a price you have to pay.


    Life is full of such choices. Things are rarely straightforward.

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    And paying him money is wrong. He should have been told that his conscience could be clearer. But if he would only do it for money, then pay him. It’s a price you have to pay. Life is full of such choices. Things are rarely straightforward.

    I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a conscience. After all, he’s a convicted paedophile, and as you rightly say has many convictions for dishonesty too. He was arrested during the time he was an informant, on suspicion of another child sex offence but it was dropped.

    If it wasn’t for the money, they’d never have got the information/intelligence.


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    I recently listened to a phone in on LBC where a retired social worker alleged that this sort of offense was being reported as long ago as the 70’s. It is well documented, Jimmy Saville etc that the establishment of the day covered up the true extent of child sex abuse in that period and in my opinion are still covering up now. The victims of the child sex abuse gangs in Northern Mill towns were reporting it in the 90’s to the relevant authorities and were simply NOT believed. They were not believed because they were mostly poor, or working class girls from deprived backgrounds.


    The informant supposedly had no personal contact with any of these girls but did have access to the inner working of the gangs. I think it is acceptable given how difficult it is to infiltrate criminal gangs, that he was paid to inform on them. More to this than first meets the eye but I disagree with you on one point Secret, I think he may well have a conscience of sorts because his life is most definitively at risk now and certainly not worth risking for 10k which was given to him in dribs and drabs over a long period of time.

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    The systematic abuse of vulnerable girls has been going on for many years, I agree. It still is and will continue to happen. People voiced their concerns to various authorities but weren’t listened to and the information certainly wasn’t acted upon.

    When it’s happening, many if not most of the girls involved don’t realise they’re being abused  or exploited and decline to provide information that would assist an investigation.

    I’m not sure why or how the fact an informant was used came out, or why it did. I should imagine the people now residing at HM pleasure will have a good idea of who it is.

    As for a conscience, I still can’t quite buy that. Would he have provided the same service if money wasn’t involved? Dunno.



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