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    LOLwith thin……….make sure you under stand I said with and not at………….LMAO RATF PML……..


    I’m genuinely impressed with the OP.

    Just a couple of paragraphs, saying so much by implication.

    I may be tempted to write some short myself.

    I envy Sarah and Nem their poetic confidence. I know that Sarah is very encouraging when it comes to writing poetry, and I really appreciate that. I’ve posted a couple of poems here in teh past, but

    “I’m shy, Mary Ellen, I’m shy”.

    I do intend to write a response to Sarah’s Eliot post which appeared on these boards, though, because it was a good one..

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    Thank you sausage.

    Its  always interesting to see someone’s first attempts at writing and read their first drafts.

    I am rubbish at sewing but I continue to try.  I’d never let not being very good at something ever hold me back.




    I understand sausage term for some..but can it never be used in a more friendly scep.. my opinion though


    Don’t understand what you mean Linda ??  Sorry, can you try and explain, it’s prob me being dim sorry !

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    Why she call everyone a sausage?Simple..people have names besides nic names she uses. Donkey, toothless, granny so forth.. can she not use provided name people type under…

    All saying like..

    I answered with opinion mooosey. Nothing negative against u, or her really. Just curious to why never does..sausage to me when having nice chat ruins conversation in my opinion.. more friendly that all when respecting a reply..


    Sorry Linda, I genuinely didn’t understand the question, you have now explained. I believe you misunderstand in this case, ‘ sausage in this context is an affectionate term such as ‘ sweetie or flower’ but not overly affectionate or romantic . Different areas of country tend to use words as endearments or just friendly banter, for example around stoke and the potteries people address others as duck or duckie, duck egg , Liverpudlians tend to say ‘ love or babe, or queen  eg: are you ok love. ? It’s not meant to be sexy or romantic and applies to  either gender, sausage in this case is just an affectionate term. Hope this helps  :good:

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    Yes it did. Thank you very much. For us here term is used as an insult to someone’s intelligence or ignorant. Just like where it comes from..a pig. People some, call them stupid, filty creatures where in and clean most….pigs. hee..


    A haaaa !!! Lol , yes I see why that would be confusing lol. Like saying “ thank you,  you pig”  pmsl.

    I love pigs, the 4 legged variety ! Yes smart and naturally clean animals given the chance. Cute too !! Or is that just me ? My Mother always said I had strange taste !! Lol  🙄🤪😂

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