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    does jamie have brains though?….LMAO RATf PML

    Yes she does stop being such a knob.

    Not like you to jump on the bandwagon q.

    Well no you wouldent know whats going on,because you have no interest in these people.I do remember you having a frendly interest in the likes of born,tracy and many bullys in jc.People,who abuse bully and who are very racist vile people

    Friendly interest? You have no idea who I have a friendly interest in at all. Just because I speak to people you don’t like doesn’t mean you have an insight into to how I feel about anyone. I speak to you does that mean I have a friendly interest in you?

    Have you seen the threat from Morg on the Kenssington thred,after tracys threat to me on this thread because i dare,Tell the truth.A right bunch of tossers there eh.Dont tell me that you and nessy havent egged her on in the past.Yes we did have a nice convo about food one day resentley yes.I will always remember you posting chapters about me through the room one day though.How i should never be allowed in jc.These people are bullying me right infront of your face.You will deny anything about it though. :whistle:

    A few of us remember. People who post up other peoples details they have looked on google for really should be banned. A guide who turns a blind eye to bullying and information sharing has no business being a guide. They should not be lolling and joining in letting their friends troll people and do whatever they like.

    Go on Ambassador post that image of the bus up again. You are neither witty funny or at all interesting. You are the one driving the bus. I suggest you put your keys away and pour yourself another lager.

    Since when has anyone had to google anything about me,when theres tracy and mo around?Mo informs evryone of my where abouts,and tracy informs evryone about evrything lol.So if you think im going to accept that crap you have another thought comming.Whats wrong with you?


    Ambassador trying at too many medicines I think. Lol lol….love and medicine all in a few hours.. gosh what’s a girl suppose to think…..ummmmmm… what next? Lol lol…


    still waiting for the Poll to appear

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    still waiting for the Poll to appear

    Think it was just a question rather than a poll.

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    still waiting for the Poll to appear

    wait no more


    Give Laine 3 hats…call her Rooney and she’ll score a hat trick…LMAO RATF PML


    To be honest it’s no big secret linda doesn’t like Sarah…so any one new will be treated accordingly…..i’m not saying that they are new either as the country said to the weather forecaster….do you get my drift?…LMAO RATF PML


    To be honest…DD calls it recent events like it’s just happened…..this crap was going on years ago….and probably will for ions to come….


    Oh no it’s guess who time on the boards……………LMAO RATF PML TOL

Viewing 10 posts - 71 through 80 (of 94 total)

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