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    I don’t see the harm of message boards as they are normally just the rants of extremely slow dysfunctional people that have a limited ability to communicate in the real world using this place as the metaphorical speakers corner in Hyde park. If people like hugsnwinks are going to start crying to authorities over words on a screen , it suggests the need for psychiatric treatment contrary to an issue with the boards. Martin is a grown adult and shouldnt be needed to babysit other apparent adults… the fact people who never use the boards state they should be taken down is ironic and rather pathetic IMO and just screaming for attention rather than genuinely contributing anything of note.

    It’s quite interesting that chatters like “the ambassador of truth” post pictures of monkeys calling people mixed raced scum and are allowed to contribute yet others are banned for retaliating but unlike old hugs I have better things to do than file reports over a few lonely bird brains typing on here lol. If the owner of this site wants threads of people typing lmao ROFL from Q and a chatter who has been arrested numerous times for battering women calling people mixed raced monkeys it’s his business .. I wont be losing any sleep over a chatsite.


    Hey rudeboy……..yer pretty obvious to be honest……LMAO RATF PML…….


    losing sleep rudeboy?…you might even gain some manners one day……..doubt it my self but there is always hope for any one………LOL LMAO RATF PML


    My only real dilemma is are rude boy and mafia the same?…..twins are quite common………


    Better to be rude than a simpleton spamming chatboards as a life hobby Q … you’re special needs mate and I talk to you as a dog owner would talk to its misbehaving pooch .


    Infact this is why chatboards are needed, better Q rolls around with laughter on a computer than on the roads as he throws his unicycle into a bush screaming with laughter killing some kid crossing a road to school.


    PML…i rest my case…………


    ah milkman in disguise….oh dear that is sad PML LMAO RATF




    Special needs fella  :wacko:


    wel las the saying goes…it takes one to know one……..LOL RATf PML LMAO

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 94 total)

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