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    I’d bash you before I’d bash Nem


    I have no problems with you never have really. As for me swapping pics it’s not my thing.

    That’s more Muzzles style. I’ve never done no harm to her neither but she’s a mess that let’s her green eyes overtake.

    By the way Muzzle just before anyone else tells you, Alfie invited me and my son over to Norway.  😃😃 Has he ever invited you? I’m thinking on it I’d love to see the northern lights.

    Let the anonymous abuse from a hidey coward mess begin in forum3

    See you  don’t need to get your tits out to get people’s attention all you need is SELF RESPECT

    Have a nice night  :yahoo:

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    There is no rational argument for censorship.


    Hey T Babes. Shame JK has had the axe as i could see Dipsy being one of there prize fuckwitts on there.Can just see it “im a total mess and get me bits out on cam”


    Hiya somer baby

    I’m sure another programme will soon pop up to take its place.     😃😃


    It already has…

    Embarrassing bodies :D


    (Sorry, couldnt resist)




    Nems leave dipsy out of it pmsfl




    Parliment are getting involved.

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    Of course JK is a representation of wider society otherwise it would not have been aired, more or less unchallenged, for the past 14+ years. The further demonization of the underclass and poor working class who are constantly blamed for all of societies woes.

    The liberal elite who control TV and the media and who control all the levers of power have engineered it so that questions are not asked about 100s of billions avoided and evaded in tax and most grown up commentators, on all sides of the political divide, are beginning to recognize it for what it is.#

    The night where all cats are black. The ‘liberal élite’ is to blame for everything, and engineers everything – ha. (btw, this liberal élite now includes the bulk of the Labour party and a large section of the trade union movement, who want a second vote on Brexit).

    Yes, Kyle has a contemptuous approach to his clientele – he abuses them to their face (protected by some heavy), and he denounces them for being immoral adulterers and stupid morons – he must read the Mail religiously.

    But that’s not the reason the ITV have pushed The Jeremy Kyle Show for so long, and it’s nothing to do with engineering opinion or demonising people.

    It’s MONEY. That’s the only thing which drives the élite who control the tv – safe drama and safe moneyspinners. The BBC have the same concern, as they come under increasing pressure to get rid of the tv licence – how much money is a programme going to make? Who will write safe stuff – and safe means able to make maximum cash; the cheap reality shows and programmes about cookery are the filler.

    Kyle was a godsend for them because his show was able to bring in the audiences. Just look at them next time – people having a laugh at watching fights, and then having a cry when long-lost dads are found. They’re not liberal élites being manipulated. They like it, just as middle class people like to watch people get hurt. Cruelty isn’t a class thing.

    As for the rest

    … The “feckless” underclass. “They breed like bunnies”. “Drug addicts”. “Scroungers”. The ‘moral’ regulation of the poor, punish them for being poor, make it illegal to be poor. Blah Blah.

    If you can’t work, it’s your fault. If you are mentallly ill it’s your fault. If you are poorly educated it’s your fault. The liberal elite have churned out trash reality TV for decades but particularly in the past 10 years to reinforce those negative stereotypes.

    Ideological austerity introduced by New Labour and the Lib Dems and the tories was born out of it. No one gives a fuck that critically ill people on their deathbed are denied welfare and found fit to work. That countless thousands are treated this way merely because a tiny minority might potentially abuse the system. Highlighted by parasites like JK and other “reality” shows, the wider audience often completely ignorant about the manipulation that occurs in the background….

    I couldn’t agree more. Absolutely spot on.


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