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    I dont mind you milkman but speak for your self not orson kart…there’s a good boy…..LMAO…..


    So back to sea gulls and funny thing is……the sea gull ignores me now…..perhaps it knows i’m no threat to it’s young…..


    Yes Mrq have rode to Birmingham and Worcester never rode to Scotland in 4 days like you but hey.

    Anyway q the severn bridge yes as any keen cyclist is aware is the sustrains route up north from Bristol.

    The a38 from Bristol to Gloucester is not suitable for cycling as im sure you guys have seen the chesse rolling these hills are way too much, Plus the amount of lorries you get on that stretch its not reccomened .

    This is why im all for free speech on these boards you can see who the loons are by what the say.

    Mrq described a aborteurm as some place with trees .

    Hes never been to one in his life.


    Milks will you please address Q by his real name.Btw its Chris…………

    Chris Froome LMAO………. :whistle:

    Q belives in reincarnation.He wants to come back after death as a saddle on a womans bike so he knows what its like to have someone sat on his face!!!  :good:

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    Oh dear….somer can’t keep his mouth shut……do you need a spokes person milkman?…if so i’ll ask somer before i speak to you in future just to make sure it’s ok….LMAO


    I got chased by a seagull outside the bingo having a cig. They were scavenging the bins.No fear in the city gulls, it was willing to have a go lol.

    I know someone who was once stuck in a butlins caravan cos every time they tried to leave the birds would surround them and try to stop them leaving.  I think they were so traumatised that they now have long term emotional damage.

    Its is however rather debateable that they were ever normal before the experience.

    Some of them birds will bite you with their beaks, they can be very intimidating.  I am ok though I just told them to bugger off and used my handbag to protect myself.

    Worse than any horror film I can tell ya.




    [email protected] horror film..The Birds…….never really scared me…..must have been the special effects i n them days but then i was far more scared by Hammer House of Horror….LOL

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    Martin, with all due respect.

    When will you stop this relentless trolling of Misterq on the boards by somer and milky?

    Moosey has relevant arguments and remarks as do others but it does appear to many of us that Misterq is being targeted for constant ridicule by these two chatters.

    Humour is delectable at times, and is often not to many peoples tastes but misterq does bring a light hearted air to the JC boards where as the other two only appear to comment in order to put others down and be unkind.

    I have nothing against somer or milky but watching the blatant bullying has become unpleasant to watch due to the repetitiveness.

    If they do not like his threads or take to him as a person maybe they should avoid his threads instead of acting like little bitches and laughing at him at his expense.

    Misterq is classy and does not respond in a nasty way so he can be commended for that.  But the constant goading may make anyone flip, maybe they are doing it in order to gain respect from other chatters, you know those chatters who find ridiculing others funny?

    Showing off is always just showing off.

    Instead of going on and on about misterq’s many many threads some of which are pretty lame – no offence misterq why don’t they start a really interesting thread where all the people of JC could comment on and lighten up the boards?

    I am sure with all the energy they use insulting and belittling mrq they could come up with an interesting thread comment.

    Or not, they could just continue to put other board posters down.

    Go on show us all your brain?

    Do you have an interesting topic to post that will develop into many many pages or are you only really here to insult others and put them down and score cheap shots and admiration from other like minded nasty people? So people laugh at the fact you are nasty enough to try to humiliate someone who is trying to contribute something other than shitty comments?

    why don’t you show yourselves by being interesting and contributing to the boards rather than just abuse others for trying?

    or not.

    If you start your own threads I would be happy to read them and comment on them.  Your constant insulting and abusing of other people for posting threads that yeah may be not that great is really boring to read.

    Show us what you got.

    Or stop using the boards, cos I for one am bored of reading your nasty abuse of others.




    To milky and somer

    Start a thread, a really interesting one that will be so great that many many people comment on it. Make it so fascinating that it goes on and on for sooooooo many pages.  Really provoke other JC chatters.

    Engage all the JC people enrich and enlighten the boards and show what a good board post really is.

    Prove that you are both so much more interesting and entertaining than he is by getting your posts onto more than 3 pages.

    Or just keep bitching and putting misterq down for trying so hard – maybe trying harder than he should be.

    Be interesting, I dare you.




    I’ve researched it, unfortunately none of milky or somers threads have ever really taken off?

    Ive not found one thread of either of theirs that has cut the mustard?

    Oh dear.

    Yeah keep on insulting misterq and ridiculing him.

    Neither of you have any credibility here.

    There is still hope for you both, all you both need to be is in the least bit interesting or entertaining.

    I am sure we all still waiting but I wont hold my breath

    Cue – insults from people who have NOTHING else to say but nasty remarks.

    so start your own threads, threads that are not nasty abusive insulting but interesting and thought provoking.

    Then get all your mates to comment on them because lets face it men like you need back up.

    Prove us all wrong.

    You are in fact interesting and your threads could proper show misterq’s up.

    that is your challenge.

    Rise to it, or just stfu x



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