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    And I throught giving up caffeine was bad…this is far worse  :cry:

    Never felt so tried or run down. My belly’s been feeling like a drum too  :negative:

    A few more days of this and I’ll get a razor blade out and go to work a bit of tate & lyle  :wacko:



    They have a glucerna drink here. Helps boost, keeps sugar lower


    Today I had a couple of Belgians buns after tea…and I slept for 12 hours.

    Its the first time I’ve slept that long since removing sugar last week    B-)


    I’m starting to feel the benefits of this now, eating less, sleeping less and losing my sweet tooth.

    Its odd such a small change can have a big effect.


    I cant see why women find it hard to lose weight  :unsure:

    I’m down 4kg since starting this and I’m not excising and mostly eating the same old crap  :scratch:



    I cant see why women find it hard to lose weight :unsure:


    Exactly… cant see it


    I don’t have to join fat fighters to lose weight  B-)

    Then again…I’m not an old gossip  ;-)


    Red sugar’ll make you feel better!


    I was asked about this last week.  Giving up my morning toast with marmalade was a step too far.  Now its gluten free bread and no sugar marmalade. I’m not happy about the extra cost  :cry:

    One is starting to find out why the poor are always plump…cheaper food results in weight again. You’d think it be the reverse   :scratch:

    Sugar now makes me sleep. If I have trouble nodding off a teaspoon of the white stuff soon sends me to land of nod. No sugary cakes or drinks if I’m driving.

    My weight is now under 90kg.

    Overall, its taken time & money to fix my weight issue. Do I feel healthy ….naaaa :bye:



Viewing 9 posts - 11 through 19 (of 19 total)

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