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    I’d love to say sugar is a 6 foot drag Queen with cone shaped booobs and no morals  :yahoo:

    But I can’t  :cry:

    Since I was a child sugar been a part of my life. Its been gooooood too. From ice cream to shoving sugar into my tea & coffee…. canned drinks and chocolate bars.

    After a summer of swimming & paddling around…. I didn’t lose any weight at all.  After a lot of research online my sugar addiction mite be the cause  :scratch:



    So for the next month I’m going to cut out the sugar or try too  ;-)

    I’ve pick up a pack of Hermesetas sweeteners cos I’m not going cold turkey and replacing my biccy with nuts……:negative:

    Its part of the incremental life style changes I’m making.  The main problem with diets is too much, too soon. Its why people never stick to them. One small change at a time works better over the long term.  I’m still going to be fat next year so there no rush.

    This is going to be the biggest shock to my system since giving up caffeine a few years ago. After a few days of withdrawal I felt better. Now I’m less stressed and sleep better.

    Lets hope binning the sugar shows the same result :bye:







    Which one is you fishy?  😂
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    Over the summer months we all become healthier. Enjoying the sun…walking for fun and eating more fresh food.

    Its the winter when we all pile on the extra weight   :cry:

    And while somer cant admit he’s got the same issues cos his mrs is a chubby lover. I’m brave enough too   :yes:



    I thought every man (woman) and his dog recognised very addictive processed sugar should be avoided (and salt etc).


    You are not meant to eat 5 mars bar in one sitting you fat bastard.


    Its not my fault…. they made mars bars SMALLER  :cry:



    Fishy i want you to go to a mirror look at yourself in the mirror and give urself a big kiss .Life is too short to go on a diet adopt a healthy lifestyle and the pounds will lessen .

    I think ppl are all shapes and sizes and when that fat little sperm hit that little fat egg some ppl are destined to be fat .They were fat kids plump adults and probably be fat when they have to be squeezed into the box .The main thing is love yourself good thoughts good words and good deeds no one cares about fat .:)

    :yahoo: B-)   :yes:   :yahoo:


    Awww roz this is why I love you  :rose:

    But …. I have been going thru 6kg of sugar each month and I live alone.  Even I know this is way to much  :cry:

    Hermesetas seem ok… and after two days without putting coffee in my sugar I am feeling less hungry. Those packets of mix nuts are taking the edge off too.


    Oh and DOA, don’t shovel down too many packs of those “mixed nuts” each day because they are EXTREMELY fattening. You would be better off eating 6 small meals a day if you are getting hunger pangs.     xx

    I’m on one pack of nuts and 4 packs of yogurt raisins  :yes:

    And my potatoes & bacon are cooking now  ;-)



    Ge’s recommended breakfast for DOAs diet plan.

    Organic rolled oats (large flakes) soaked overnight in the fridge with skimmed-semi skimmed. Water if you are hard as nails. Buy some packs of frozen fruit be it red berries or pomegranate seeds etc, it is a lot cheaper than buying fresh adds a more pleasurable crunchy texture and you always have some at hand that way. Or add a chopped banana etc.

    Tasty porridge is edible porridge!

    If you crave something to make the shitty porridge tastier try extract of vanilla etc as well which has NO calories.


    Enjoy and put the cheque in the post.


    Look I’m not giving up my gold top milk or butter so you can frk off  !!!

    In the morning I like poached egg in a muffin  :yahoo:

    Its just boil water in the micro wave for few mins, add a bit of salt…. give it a spin like a washing machine and add the egg… leave for a min or two.

    Then pull it out and slap it in a muffin :)

    I wont eat again until my day is finished.  Its funny I can go all day at work without eating but 5 mins on the sofa the biccy’s are out  :scratch:

    Not too keen on oats …. they make my bum leak if I eat too many  :cry:

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