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    I can’t believe this shit happending again. The last time was in the 70’s and things got really bad.  For those of you too young to remember…. its going to be one hell of a shock.

    In the comming months everyone needs to cut back. Electricity & gas prices will go up by a power of 5 or 6 ….so there warrning us.

    What that mean?

    Well if you’re spending £2 a day now, soon that will be £10.

    If the weekly shop is £50 now, soon it will be £60

    With inflation runing at 18% and 4% pay increase being offered, a wave of strikes is coming.

    So what can you do?

    First look round the home.  No more dish washers and only use washing machines with a full load. 5 mins in the shower only, no baths.

    Fridge & freezers, put them on the min settings.  The food wont go bad, the min setting is design to prevent that.

    Kettles, coffee makers and more.

    I’m going to show few exsamples of this.

    A bean to cup coffee machine selling in currys for £30 uses 600 watts to boil 0.5 litres.

    A pod coffee machine selling for £60 uses 1260 watts to boil 1.2 litres.

    A kettle selling for £20 uses 2500 – 3000 watts to boil 1.7 litres.

    Now think about how many cups of tea and coffee you drink each day.  Its time to return to tea pots & cosys.  You can buy insulted jackets for cafetiere or even double walled ones.

    No more turning on these power hungry machines for one cup !!

    Computers, game machines and more.

    A new ps5 uses 350 watts per hour.  It was about 6p an hour to run without the tv.  You can add on other 100 watts for that.

    A laptop typically uses about 50-100 watts per hour, that was about 5p/10p a day to run.

    These prices will go up by 5 times by Jan 2022.

    Turn off the game consoles !!

    I’ll carry on with this later, right now I’m going to make a mug of tea while its still cheap  :bye:















    Right now I think……

    Trains are out

    Felixstowe port is going strike

    Council workers talking about action strike

    Barristers are on strike

    NHS is voting on strike action.

    And this is only going to get worse. 

    Back in the 1980’s I took the pizz out of my Dad for keeping long life milk and tinned meat in the house. Buying 25kg bangs of potatoes & 12kg bags of onions.  He argued the shops mite run out of food.  Being a mouthy teenager I found the idea ridiculous. After the pandemic panic buying I’m realizing he had a point.

    If heavy goods drivers go on strike, there a diesel shortage or logistics break’s down supermarket will face shortages.

    If there power cuts or power workers strike, supermarkets will close.

    Things have move on since my fathers day. Self heating meals are available and chemical lights have replaced candles.  Both have a long shelf life.  I’m not going to argue for camping stoves unless you have a garden or open space to use them. The risk of carbon dioxide poisoning and fire means the risk is too high.

    Please buy a torch !!  If you have a torch, make sure you have batteries for it !!!

    If you can’t live without your phone, buy a phone charger pack.

    Its time to buy black sacks again, the bin men will walk out this winter.

    Think about bottle water and wet wipes.

    Above all else get used to being uncomfortable.  The worst wont happend before the clocks change.  Start planing now.











    Oh cheer up you sadsack  :good:


    Oh cheer up you sadsack

    A little forward planing never hurts  B-)



    This is a hard one to answer.

    Lets start off with what will work if there a power cut.




    You can still buy these types of phone and they will work.




    These wont, they need electricity


    Will my mobile phone still work?  Its got a battery !

    The cell phone masts need electricity and wont work in a power cut.

    Now lets say you need to call 999: from landline using a phone unpowered phone yes. ( See the first picture).   From a mobile phone no.

    I need to call my doctor.  No wont work. They use a pax phone system and they need power.  Doctors surgery will close in a power cut for health and safety reasons.

    I want to call my Mum and make sure she ok !!   This depends on the phone you’re both using.  Again unpowered landlines phones yes, anything else no.

    I need to call work and tell them I’m not coming in.  Again most offices use the pax phone system and they wont work.

    My Dad’s got a personal alarm encase he has a fall. That will still work right?  Nope they run on the mobile phone network.


    The rule of thumb is:

    Only the old fashioned phones and landlines will work in a power cut. If you’re worried about a vulnerable person make sure they have one of the fashioned phones plug in and you have one to call them on.





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    the chuckle brothers 🤣





    Your electronics and appliances can be vulnerable to outages and knowing how to care for them during power losses will help keep you safe and protect them from damage.



    1. Unplug Appliances

    Televisions, computer equipment, advanced technology washers and dryers, game consoles, fans, lights, etc., should be unplugged, especially if they were in use when the power went out.

    2. Use Surge Protectors

    It’s strongly recommended that expensive electronics be unplugged during an outage to protect them from power surges when electricity is restored, but for when you can’t unplug, surge protectors will help prevent damage to electronics like computers and televisions.

    3. Keep the Fridge & Freezer Closed

    Make sure food stays as cold as possible, by keeping refrigerator and freezer doors closed and placing blocks of ice inside.

    4. Turn Out the Lights

    Turn all light switches and lamps off except for one, so you will know when power returns. If the power is still out when you go to sleep, leave a bedroom light on to wake you so you can safety check your home.

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    Bless my stalker is back  :rose:

    Now go away in jerky movements.

    AKA………. Fuck Off  :bye:

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    Money & shopping !!!

    The electricity out and you think…. OK I’ll pop out and do a bit of shopping !!!

    First of all the shops will close in a power cut including petrol stations.  Its a health and safety  thing.

    The till’s are eletric and card readers too.  Debit cards wont work.

    Back in the 70’s people still used cash and tills like this one were common.



    The only place I’ve seen a mechanical cash register still working  is at the local  open market.  Car boot sale dont really use them or if they do they have a generator.

    You can still buy food at road side food wagons with cash.

    Taxi’s mostly still run on cash.

    Buses are a funny one and depend on the area.  Here is my local bus company’s rules on cash payments.

    “Change vouchers – we accept cash but we don’t offer change, instead we provide a change voucher. All change vouchers will be printed with an expiry date of three months from the date of issue. Please make sure that you redeem any vouchers that you have as soon as possible to avoid them expiring. Funds from unclaimed change vouchers will go to charity.”

    Trains…. just give up there all eletric.

    The only advice is go down the bank and take out cash. Make sure its mixed coins not notes. No one will want to give you change for a £20 note after buying rizla’s!!







    What  now do u do when now here all your commuincation now put on internet? Where before some of it was on ordinarey phone line.

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