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    I was asked last night what was in my black out kit.

    A few books I’ve been meaning to read since 2005.

    A solar phone charger that cost about a £20 from Argos

    A landline phone thats been in the loft since I moved.  ( I did test it and it still works).

    A trangia cooking set that I brought in 1985, but I did pick up a bottle or two of meths for it yesterday. They sell basic sets for about £30.   I’m not a fan of camping gas. The can’s arent cheap and never last long.

    A new kettle from millets sale for £6.

    A pair of krypton torches from toolstaion cos they were £3.25 each and I was there buying meths anyway.

    Pound shop for batteries.

    I’d say buy a good portable radio…. I dont need one due to my handheld vhf radio having one built in.

    Did put a few more plug in surge protectors on order. I think most of mine are 10 years old now  :unsure:

    And I did pick up £20 worth of mixed change….most of it from the back of the sofa !!!








    You forgot a bike with the back wheel off connected to a dynamo so you can peddle like Jason Kenny just to get some electric  :yahoo:


    Thats so not me  :wacko:



    Speaking on The Sunday Show, London Energy Consulting chief executive David Cox said: “We’re going to be short of gas in Europe for this winter. That will drive prices potentially even higher.

    “Not only that, we might be short of gas to the extent that we have blackouts, we don’t have enough gas to burn to make electricity, and that is a serious problem the Government are glossing over at the moment.”

    If you use gas for cooking…. you may need a camping stove  :scratch:


    Buy an Airfryer!


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    I’ve got one of those Rosie luv they. Make lovely chips don’t they?

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    Sadly this is another way to distract holidays coming up putting fears as to how people will survive and maintain thru winter months installing fear and fret.

    My god what else will they come up with..another covid? Pox? Shelter shortage, still building I see..strikes of some sort. When will the World ever have some normalcy again. Not that it was totally normal ..but people laughed and smiled more..not seen this in long time.

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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