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    Ride the lighting…

    Think this is a confession thread.

    U confessing what Cosy did not confess or are we here discussing u…


    Rude I am confessing on your statement


    My confession is that I met costs gf just to wind him up

    shes quite unfancyable

    so it was a platonic meet


    who would go where cosy has dipped it :whistle:

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    I feel the need to apologise for using the word ‘damaged’.

    Sometimes I should keep my opinions to myself.

    I have many faults one is I am too judgemental at times.

    I am 44 old enough to start living in the ‘real world’ but if this is the ‘real world’ then I’d  rather not live in it at all.

    Hence why, I don’t.


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    U want to help me unload my groceries, coffee, smoke a bit..

    Please many shit heads out there agree. I too as u aware hurt for very long long time. Just settled. But by doing so, never ever changed me who raised to be, just well survived, bit and just moved forward doing what necessary. Lost my fun way, buried it so deep, I too was lost…truly lost…alone.. still am….but you have so much love in your heart, may not be today, next month, but some day that mate will be found again unexpected and you will find that one who in your gutt knows. Hey maybe me too. But till then, hold your head up high, do what makes you happy. Never ever hide your self in a corner…

    My parents had much to do with certain decision I made.. some time after knew my own pain and sufferings.. they felt very bad what did. I never faulted, hated..them. just said back then life moves forward. Do what have to. My dad nick named me survivor since I was 26 years old. Said it up till last day when lost speech and died. Final wish, I find exactly what you looking for, me too… no more pain, suffering, sacrifices, lonliness. My gift was a trip from them to me to start a new journey as they know them leaving me, I too wanted to hide, leave.

    My dad was my world. Wirshipped, admired, respected, and oh yes not always a goodie goodie. So I am now trying again start life anew. Trip first, relationship, maybe who knows..
    But Mizzy I will share my dad’s love and devotion as he most likely would say to you if here and I discussed him about you..

    You too are a survivor… you will make it. Never hide, move forward..

    Now get the hell in back room 1.. when left it, he’ll breaking out…

    Up, move, girl..better find u in there later…..

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    The most interesting part about this thread to me is what will come after this point.

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    Cosy, Ever hear expression, “Not succeed first time,you try, try and try again, to final results found, that make you happy.” Xxx

    no I haven’t  but I have heard of if at first you don’t succeed fuck it move on.

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    id also like to acknowledge limpy bob aka thin rides and that just nothing

    thin behave

    rides yeh mon

    just nothing er  yeh good post!  thing what you may not realise is,you are on the boards not chat there is no need to rush so slam on the brakes slow down man

    sort your grammar out then I might not sure but I may converse with you

    depends what mood im in

    anyway you tc yeh


    That’s my Boy..  xx



    did not bother going bac for the vol u vonts.. knew I was not up for a heavy Roman Catholic wake..

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