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    so many polar opposite views and not helped by comments that can not be verified such as nobody voted or supports a no deal brexit. that was not a choice and arguments  still rage over  having a deal or not etc. bottom line is or was democracy would have been asking the people to vote for leave or stay ( which they did) and follow agreed  method of doing the electorates decision. being give notice  via article 50 .( that took a year) then. Uk should have left exactly 2 years later . a deal or no deal was about parliament  having its say as part of the democratic process. however they  refuse to agree any deal and thus we get extension after extension.  that is undemocratic !   so Boris or not we need an election to  give country a new direction and  get rid of Mp’s whom refuse to allow  democracy citing ‘bad for UK interests’ . it is irrelevant if UK does badly by leaving  as  that was Not what country was asked .  :wacko:


    Do i detect a political post?


Viewing 2 posts - 51 through 52 (of 52 total)

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