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    Today, Boris the Liar and hiss pal, Lord Snooty, have said that they’re going to suspend parliamentary democracy.

    If they succeed, then the no-deal Brexit will lose all its legitimacy. It will be an act of an effective dictator, not the voice of anybody other than the hard Brexiteers, wuch as those who predominate in jc.

    The people are against such a catastrophic Brexit.

    Parliament is against it.

    So how does Boris the Liar react?


    Suspend parliamentary democracy.

    After all, everyone knows that the people spoke over 3 years ago, and this is more important than Parliament, isn’t it?

    Just a normal Queen’s Speech thing, he says.

    But it’s not. It stops parliament from having any say, yea or nay, to the final stages of Brexit

    For anyone Brexiteer or Remainer, who has any sort of belief in democracy, to resist with all their might such an act. If the Queen agrees, then she is right in the middle of the biggest constitutional crisis for nearly 400 years in this country.

    it’s by no means certain that Parliament and the courts won’t be able to stop this act of dictatorship. Action from ordinary people in support of Parliament is already beginning.

    Watch the personal shyte machine of the hard brexit creeps in jc ratchet up in the coming weeks!

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    Oh happy happy days! What a fantastic Prime Minister we now have. Unlike dull, weak and wooden Theresa May. Brilliant. For the remoaners, because remember…”we care”! 😂😂😂


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    the hard brexiteer dictators certainly care.

    And you’ve just lost all legitimacy by suspending parliamentary democracy.

    This is just the start, and it’s not going to end when we leave on the 31st – that’s just the beginning.


    You do the same posts everyday get a grip man.

    Nobody even buys it.

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    Living in a dictatorship might not be too bad it’ll save me having to vote every 5 years


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    Years ago it was in fact both men and women who couldn’t give. That being set right was an important step in British history, making the country a democracy so no matter what class ,sex ,wage, area people had the right to vote for what they wanted. No matter what the result , government should of worked hard to deliver it but they devolved into fighting,bullying and instead of bringing the country together,they divided it even further. It was a record vote,with many voting for the first time ,the importance of that should of been noted. Closing parliament and the house of lords ,akin to suspending someone for bad behaviour, it is right. It is time government delivered on the vote,whether they like it or not,it IS their duty. They must Never be allowed to ignore the will of the people not lapse into this stall again. The stain isn’t people voting brexit, it’s government treating people as if their vote was “wrong” . Brexit Day will be the day democracy is finally restored.

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    Parliament embodies our constitutional democracy.

    We live in a parliamentary democracy.

    If parliament doesn’t do what the government wants, then they should dissolve parliament and call an election.

    That’s the democratic decision. But they won’t, will they?

    That would actually be asking the people to decide. That would be genuinely democratic.

    So a tinpot dictator move for a minority to get their way.

    Nobody voted to leave without a deal. The majority are against that. Brexiteers and Remainers in Parliament are against that.

    Now you’ve lost the legitimacy.

    My guess is that we’ll leave without a deal, but I’ve resigned myself to that.

    Now we must all resign ourselves to become considerably poorer, and to becoming a US dependency. Thin, who actually voted for Boris, will be off to live in the EU.

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    It’s been a real eye-opener, this whole Brexit saga, and it won’t finish on the 31st October, especially if there is no deal.

    A small cabal of right-wingers looking to get rich have been able to fool a large number of people worried by change into making themselves poorer and becoming an American protectorate. Not even the 51st state, because then you would enjoy the rights of Americans.

    In the name of national sovereignty, we’re fnally giving up our national sovereignty. Amazing!

    And the people who have been fooled are the ones who will be hit harder than anyone!!

    You can’t fool all the people all the time, said Lincoln, and hopefully people will get through this – though some of the poorest wont..

    Still, in the short term, the scam is working.

    A major step in the story of Britain’s decline from Empire.


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