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    surry..i b ad 4 acktin lyk pepul lyck u ? lul,i


    Yeah right… :roll:


    @tom wrote:


    people like us that don’t take people seriously or act like they give our lives purpose like you just generally accept that people make stuff up lol? i genuinely laugh my f’in head off when you daft gullible twits are so surprised that………… some people make stuff up imao!

    From the Dilemmas thread:

    @tom wrote:

    YOLO is some illiterate thing those black Americans pretending to be “gangsters” ‘say’…..(even though gangsters wore zoot suits, smoked cigars and lived by a certain code of honour? Sorry. I just looked up real gangers, yet none of them were running around with their Tommy Guns wearing ridiculous synthetic plastic PJ bottoms that only come up to their knees exposing their bum inviting everyone to anal intercourse by the people these days who ‘claim’ to be gansters lol?

    Why people pretend to be people they’re obviously not as they look nothing like who they’re claiming to be with no evidence to back their claim up whatsoever absolutely boggles my mind.



    Well….. is it just me??

    This thread lost me #-o


    @mrs_teapot wrote:

    Well….. is it just me??

    This thread lost me #-o

    The thread didn’t, Tom did.

    Back on topic…overheard outside the shop yesterday, a cluster of young mums with buggies discussing their labour…one said she was in labour for 5 hours and it was sheer hell, another said her labour lasted just 90 minutes and she had all the gas and air they would allow her, the next said her labour lasted 26 hours but she couldn’t really remember the last hour or two she was so out of it…then one announced “well I don’t know what you’re all moaning about, I was in full labour for a week and a half, the midwife said I was a saint and I didn’t have anything to eat or drink for the whole time…” :shock:




    One thing that annoys is during a conversation a comment or useful suggestion is made and then grrr! someone else suddenly takes over and runs with it …

    I’ve encountered a few people like this and even when it’s pointed out that didn’t someone else say that first before you did ? They carry on regardless ……

    Annoying !




    Sometimes I do or say something acting like a complete twit so the community comes together and bond with each other by putting me right.

    Strange, I know. But a little controversy always creates bonding and creates a stronger community. :lol:


    Good heavens you do flatter yourself don’t you! :roll:


    Im not talking about people online who can create a persona.

    Its people who youve worked with for years in the real world who still feel the need to lie about who they are.We all know its made up and laugh about it but im just trying to get to the root of these people.

    Maybe lack of self esteem, i dont know.

    awaits the apostrophe police to arrive :wink:

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 28 total)

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