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    i thought long and hard about  this thread:) yanno like what do you call a books title or a film its up to the author i suppose ,,so i tinkered

    with the title the complaints  thread


    somebodys gonna reply what you having a go at me for? all i want to say is who gets on yer t!ts a bit?

    n,b no kids no addresses ok well ok my thread me first,,,,erm gorra be kiwi for me ==”why i  hear you say”

    well inpo in no particular order

    1,sorry i  just fell asleep bye,he means by the fire

    2,hes got 2 lawn mowers and 2 sheds ……just fck off yeh you bragging fck

    3,get stuffed about your 6 hour byes we arent all called john boy walton



    sorry i got cut off  im not finished with kiwi yet

    but who gets on your threppenny bits

    keep it civil  reasons why,cos nobody  takes offence in here




    ps pics would be nice


    4,kiwi bud stop telling us about the weather in nz we dont give a fuk

    5,stfu about the british  politics you know fck all

    6,stop going on the quiz fckn useless you are

    ,7,get yourself a gf

    8 stop staring at sheep

    9,im not going to ten

    19,oh yeh i am get fckn stretched mate

    ,any of youse got any beef with fellow chatters well bang it on here,i be back  next week  to er”discuss” things with our fave mod,coughs scuse me oh yeh ld

    hu hum love you loads all laters xxx





    I hate to stand up for kiwi…..but I will  :cry:

    Cosy stop being nasty to him… its Christmas hun

    Kiwi’s got few good points  :scratch:

    Lets start off with a world view. Kiwi’s no isolationist taking an keen interest in world events and politics.

    Love to garden and discuses  interior design ideas regularly.

    A collector of  post war electrical goods that he still uses today.

    A man who’s not afraid to wear his own style. He’s no slave to fashion treads. Not into disposable clothes, far from it keeping and wearing  clothing most of us would say is only fit for the bin.

    Kiwi’s an true modern man just like Prince Charles  :yes:


    Merlin the Twerlin…. aka over a hundred other nics……he is worse than Hilda Ogden with his gossiping ….he waits for you to leave the room before he starts gossiping about you…little does he know his “mates” tell all about him  :-)

    I got on fine with him until one day I voiced an opinion about smokers with smoking related health conditions being a drain on the NHS  :unsure: … it hit a nerve and he has been a biatch ever since…..hes obviously not adult enough to have a debate or hear a few home truths

    Now wait for him to flip

    btw even as long as 10 yrs ago this chatter was slated in the jc reviews but I ignored all that and others opinions until I witnessed it myself

    Waves to Merlin the Twerlin


    I felt compelled to reply to the thread because Cosy sulks otherwise


    im supposed to be a song writer and a poet and a volunteer k

    but you nailed that

    sorry for swearing kay but i love you loads xxxx



    And you dont love me  :cry:


    I sorta like Merl.  He’s French.  Did you know this?

    I’m sick of loggin on and nobody being around.  That’s what im sick of.  Also my new burnt orange coat.  My son says I look like a giant duster innit.  I’m also sick of that.

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    I’M sick of everything revolving around covid, vaccines. Actually I hate it. Masks, mixed messages, no one knows anything anymore. Crime, theft, politics, all b.s. showing vaccine cards.

    People sadness, fears, tornados destruction, no happy cheer any where I see or feel at this time of year. Going thru motions with little or no feeling really.

    AND my bum leg, seeing Doctors and plans of action to resolve. Painful and very exhausting dragging around a leg.

    As for chatters here those 2 butt heads tracythong and other joined at hip. Scottish female drunk and her partner. Olivia where are u. Comment soon I suppose

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 24 total)

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