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    well my gabber is  flabbered so you got fishy reporting me ha lol

    after his thread about fred i dont know how hes got the cheek

    im not posting now till jan 1 when i will tell you my ny resolution

    altho im available for fone calls,wassap,parties,functions e mails anything really

    apart from doa

    totally flabber gasted man

    blackpool  lancs england europe,the world,universe


    :negative: all these negative comments all  is crap enough without throwing more about. with xmas on doorstep  it would make a change if just for a week or so we could all be nice to each other!  :wacko:

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    C0sy comes across as ena sharples of jc.


    Online payments are doing me head in !!!!

    Now I have to log into my bank account online if I want to use my debit card online  :cry:

    Its a fucking joke !!!!


    Sweaty socks do my head in  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:


    The price of brussel sprouts.  I paid a pound for them last week and today there only 19p in Tesco’s !!

    Potatoes are the same  :cry:

    I feeeel sooooo cheated !!!



    and aldis all 19 p there used to be a guy on here used to  tell  us get down to lidls now 25 p for a kilo of carrots etc

    i jjust shook my head me,spose its a bit like somebody posting im having fish cake and chips for my dinner.


    Sweaty socks do my head in :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    for the uniniated sweaty socks is a derogatory rhyming slang for jjocks

    well im not scottish but i might as well be  i live in blackpool  and theres that many here some ppl call it glasgow south,i honestly dont have a problem with them,generous warm  funny ppl yeh you get your odd nobslap,my next door neighbour is from  glasgow shes alright bit nosy but sound

    lets have a little peep round the rest of britain


    er not as many welsh ppl here but apart from a couple of bell ends most are alright,sailed with loads of welsh guys in the merchant navy np

    norn iron,yeh same funny ppl well im a bit biased to the irish cos me ma and da were from there,well south but yanno

    england,lots of arrogant yobs who think the world owes them a favour,but not all

    so to sum up its not where you are from its who you are

    hence thats why generalisation doesnt sit easy with me.


    I have you know im talking about after the  gym or a run. Nothing worse.


    Cosy I’m not a rich man after spending all my cash on Christmas presents for the one I love the most in whole wide world……ME  :yahoo:

    And I do watch every penny   B-)

    I’m with somer on sweaty socks. They’re nasty and smell !!!

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 24 total)

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