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    complaints,grumbles about jc now before you start kekking yer pants im a fully paid up member of the wassap clan

    and admin  hosts and guides have given me the green light to go ahead with this.

    on the proviso user names yeh,but no real names addresses,pics kids etc    ok :good:

    right me first the quiz

    i had the unfortunate experience to go in there last thursday

    and guess what the topic was………..true or false

    im like wtf that isnt a quiz everybody was just typing true then false  i walked out in  utter disgust i even started to question my own existence

    worst performance ive known from a reg since i saw laney murdering i will survive on karaoke,3 doormen were crushed on the stampede to get out of the gaff and to this day ive still got perforated ear drums,anyway thats my couple of beefs for now

    any of youse lot got any?


    Call the thread shit as more comes out your mouth than your arse hahaha


    says the threadless person.


    at least we agree on something

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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