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    oh hello hiya welcome to the joke thread

    so im giving this  one yeh over the kitchen table when we heard , firstthe front door open

    she says”its my husband..quick use my back door,,,,yanno thinking back i should of legged it,,,,but invites like that dont come along every day


    i tell you what my local pubs getting a bit rough first question in the pub quiz tonight was what the fck are you looking at?

    oh come on lets all have a bit of sympathy for katie price bless her having to take drugs and drink and drive over this difficult time it must have been tough not being able to get diesel for her vibrator.









    is the door that way>>>>>>>>>>>>>. ok hat coat


    my obese parrot died last night its  sad  but at least its a weight  off my shoulders..

    just when i thought things were going well ive recently opened a shop selling uncaged birds  they are flying off the shelves.


    Don’t give up the day job jolly Roger

    What do you call a normal person in Blackpool…




    A Tourist hahaha

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    lol hey a young lad asks his dad”why is my sister  called teresa?

    dad”” ah well  your mum loves easter very much  and its an anagram”

    young lad “ok cheers dad”

    dad “np alan”












    its ok i know where the door is.


    no alan was hurt in this thread :good:


    Why are men like nappies


    They’re usually full of shit but thankfully disposable hahaha



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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