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    What’s yer favorite Tom Hanks film and why? For me, well Tom Hanks was really great in The Green Mile…so were all the other cast…thing is about Tom Hanks to me though is that he always holds some authority in what he does because of who he is. Even in Bachelor Party…it was a great laugh but does Tom over step the line? Now Forrest Gump was a great film as well……a film to absorb and get lost in for a while..after is like a box of chocolates….LOL

    I like the film where Tom goes on the run to protect his innocence and bring down the bad guys at the same time..oh sorry…that’s another Tom!

    Never under stood why they had to kill off Jim Phelps in the first Mission Impossible movie……..perhaps he had five seconds before the tape self destructs and he wasn’t fast enough? who knows…LOL


    I liked him in Apollo 13 and also Captain Philips.

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    Yep..some great moments there Mario….Hanks has the ability to give the tension to a role as well as comedy. He has a great narrative voice as well which i think is much of the power of his persona….I found it interesting to imagine Tom Hanks doing the voice over for The Shaw-Shank Redemption. That’s a film that can’t be bettered but all the same…..i reckon Tom could have played a part brilliantly…although…he would have had to play a kindly guard or some thing like that….can’t imagine him as a prisoner really or a nasty warden…Who knows? Perhaps Tom always plays it safe playing the nice guy.


    Liked his role in the Davinci Code. Green Mile also. U got mail with Meg Ryan.


    Davinci Code was a great film..although with this sort of film, i found National Treasure with Nick Cage more along the lines of what..the clue hunting, treasure seeking, action movie should be all about. Great thing about the National Treasure films was that i don’t actually recall any fighting. Any way i digress…..

    You got mail was a great film…..people go on about Directors and Producers but you don’t often get a mention for writers………I find a lot of the time..or most of the time , Hollywood is a reflection of it’s own vanity.

    Accidentally caught Tom Hanks on the Graham Norton show-last night. Felt for The Game of Thrones star Arya as she kept her stance being over taken by Legend Tom Hanks although at the end of the day……you want to go on an interview show with Tom Hanks….be prepared to be quiet a lot.

    Having said all that…that’s just the way it is…an incredible show really….(one of the very few times i’ll actually say Graham Norton’s show is a good one).

    But then lets face it…..i seem to like the guests on his show much more than that other guy…Wossie…LOL


    When I see that Tom hanks is starring in a movie, my reaction is the same as when i see Steven Segal, Jean-Claude Dammit, Wesley Snipes, Liam Neeson etc etc etc

    I don’t watch.

    Just saying


    In this particular instance Sceptical Guy….i really could n’t care a less what your saying….just saying…..


    Oh scep…scep….

    Could not resist.

    You can not mean you put Tom Hanks in the same class of actors as u have mentioned.

    He has done many funny movies, thinking of big here. Hutch,…Poland Express…

    Segal, Van Damm, martial arts experts.

    Liam Nelson, action movies. Was voice in the Lion of Narnia..

    My friend, when have u seen Tom Hanks use martial arts. Or do roles like Liam Nelson. Haaaa

    You and I need to explore those of John Wayne, Bonanza, Big Valley, Rifelman, Gunsmoke..haa few more..shall we go on…smiles….

    XxX XxX



    I really don’t like Tom hanks movies. I have yet to see one that I like. I particularly dislike Forrest Hump


    And, mister, q, I really couldn’t care less whether you care less :unsure:

    and, linda, of course they’re all different types of role, but they all share in the fact that I don’t like any of em. :heart:



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