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    As a sign of things to come, as we wave the Union Jack proudly and get ready to enter into new exciting trading alliances

    I give you the new all-British our very own passport, a sign of Independence to be celebrated in march 2019, only a year away! Or will it be December 2020? duh. Or will it be?? (there is a provision for continual extensions).

    Anyway, bollox to that. Our passport will be made in France. Naturally it’s dearer, but hey, if you want glorious independence we’ll all have to pay the price.


    i got myself an irish passport so no new never had before old blue passport for me


    I envy you the Irish passport. I’d pay good money for one of them.


    I’m shocked










    you said  bollox!!


    Yes, it was all over the news yesterday. No doubt it will be all over the news today.



    i got myself an irish passport so no new never had before old blue passport for me

    How did you get hold of one?

    Is there any way I can get one legally, given that I’m not Irish?

    A couple of my friends have them but they are semi-Irish.


    Quite honestly, they may well be worth their weight in gold.


    And, Paigey, that is a deadly serious question, about legally getting hold of an Irish passport.

    I fear you’re going to give me bad news, but if there is a way of a non-irish person getting one, I really do want to know.



    Remain logic. The liberal middle class. That muddled logic.

    Under EU procurement rules, the Home Office has been required to throw open the bidding process to European firms. 20% of passports are made in the EU region anyway. The French firm making them has a factory in Fareham and at Heywood in Lancashire which will create 70 new jobs.

    I don’t see what the issue is. The Remain middle class sat on their lazy backsides for the past 25 years while high skilled manufacturing jobs were lost to EU competition, what exactly are they complaining about now?

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    Aw but Gerry….

    it’s the Brexiteers who are  actually complaining*. I don’t give a damn.

    I just want an Irish passport in case – just in case mind you, things turn very nasty in this country.

    Not that they will, really. not trying to spread panic.

    But I am just concerned. And I will pay good money for an Irish passport if necessary.

    And so I am far, far more interested in Paigey’s response than I am in Gerry’s attempt to ice the cake and look for blame when it goes wrong, possibly terribly wrong. not that it will, of course :-) and if it does it will all be the fault of the anti-Brexiteers.



    *Priti Patel, the Brexit ex-Minister calls it a national humiliation, while Bill Cash, the Brexit Tory MP, says it was completely wrong

    In fact, as opposed to Gerryworld, the French company won the contract against Hampshire-based De La Rue, which holds the contract for producing UK-based passoports for the past 10 years. The  French company already has a number of UK  contracts, including the supply of  driving licences. Nobody knows for sure, but it could be made in Fareham or Heywood. An excellent example of the creation of jobs by foreign companies whihc has created such prosperity for the past 25 years.

    And there was me thinking that manufacturing jobs were mainly lost 35 years ago under Thatcher, whereas in Gerryworld it was the anti-Brexiteers who were allowing it all to go.

    The loss of manufacturing jobs is fine by me as long as they’re replaced with other jobs. The problem isn’t the loss of manufacturing jobs, but regional effect in depressed areas. And in Sunderland, one of the most threatened areas, was saved by – Nissan, a foreign company!

    The japanese ambassador, recently speaking on behalf of Japanese companies, said that of course they all hoped for the exciting new world of trading relationships opened up by Brexit..but warned…it had better work, or else they’re pulling out.

    Oh, but in Gerryworld, no need to worry. If it doesn’t work,  it’ll be the fault of the anti-Brexit people, who are all middle-class liberals! :scratch:




    If you can’t even tell the truth in your initial post Sceptical, then I have absolutely no intention of getting into a tit for tat debate, wasting my valuable time.

    Anyway, bollox to that. Our passport will be made in France. Naturally it’s dearer,

    “The Home Office said the decision to pick a preferred bidder in the tender would save taxpayers about £120m over the five years of the contract.

    A spokesman said: “The preferred bidder has been selected following a rigorous, fair and open competition and all bidders were notified of the outcome last night.”




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