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    oooo……how come I don’t know anything about this???

    Always the last to know me…


    Me too kenty. Always last to find out. Lol

    As far as lockdowns i still worked much and then some..I became a cleanaphobic at work and home. Not meaning not cleaned, just more consistent and on top. Again not just work  but home. Had to buy me a new washing machine due to excessive washing to make sure no germs. Changed my clothing sometimes 4x a day when out working. Lol

    Personally I always loved a great snow storm when u could not go out anywhere. Less traffic and hassle. More time in front of my fireplace. Hot chocolate and great book

    Personally think covid killed many relationship. Partners in home on top of each other all the time. NO not meaning sex, kids always relationships if true relationships well challenging and trust issues challenged. Forget family and friend holidays celebrations they disturbed too…covid also impacted the already mentally and physically challenged folks much more sadly..those not with issues developed some.

    I have become personally a very detatched person. As I have to show face often I do go to bed wondering if ever I be the real person I was before. Building a wall not my profession..but have learned I am no contractor and no building needed.


    Kenty saw something about your brother..hope he well and having provided comfort. Sucks Iheard even if vaccinated.

    I am presently knocking on wood frame. X




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    i tell you what shes a really good boardie linda int she,shit at quizzes but hey you cant have it all,its come to my attention that she gets the same as me

    as in


    please dont repost the same message twice wtf is that all about?does anybody else get that? like im a parrot or summat it needs sorting out.


    happened to me in the quiz answered the question then please dont report the same message well i cant say a wrong answer next time i looked ari 3 points etc

    its bollox it boils my piss like scousers do no wonder i end up arguing with everybody and get banned,


    See we tie in same place jolly. Now its battle of the bulge in quiz. Lol

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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