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    I’m started to get annoy with the whole Ukraine thingy.

    750,000 have arrvied in UK since the war started.  This is costing around £160 million per week.  (Not including health care and education costs.)

    The Ukraine’s who arrived here will never go back.

    The government is also giving 1.3 billion pounds in military support and aid.

    Boris Johnson promisted more “support” for Ukraine

    Around 2 million are using food banks and thousands still sleep rought on our streets. The cost of living is going through the roof and unemployment is rising.

    Most people voted to leave the EU due to uncontrolled immigration and the cost of membership.  All we did was replace the EU with Ukraine.

    When will our government start working for us? 


    talk a glass eye to sleep this one 😂🤣😂🤣



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    Fishshite – the cunt rascist. NOT 750,000 but less than a tenth of that and they will all want to go back to Ukraine after they meet CUNTS LIKE YOU.


    The numbers much higher than you think, not the small amount the government is claiming.

    Under the family reunion rules, most arent being counted since there “joint claims or visa’s”.

    An example would be: 2 sets of grandparents, mother, father, 2 kids under 18 = 1 visa.

    I remember being told back in 2004 not to worry too much about Polish immigrant…less than 100,ooo have arrived.  The true figure was over 800,000.

    Few have left, most are still here.

    The  Ukrainians wont be going back, more will come. The Polish government is requesting help dealing with 3.5 million Ukrainians refugees. With more on the way before winter, the UK will come under presure to help.






Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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