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    Saturday night I was out drinking mineral water and eating healthy low fat food at a local restaurant with a few friends discussing heath and excises  ;-)

    Like we all do used to do on a Sat nite before covid.

    When one of the women I was with (who I’ve know for years) got stalked by a nutter she meet on a online dating site.  Turns out she was feeling lonely and sign up to one during the pandemic.

    This guy who mistakenly believed since he’d sign up to a £150 per month dating site and a bit of cash in bank throught he could act like a kid… even into his 40’s.  Unfortunately for him everyone at the table was from the building trade and he ended up getting waterboarded with cheap wine before restaurant staff intervened and stop our fun  :cry:

    So I throught I’d take time to post on why internet dating can go so wrong.

    I think its all about head space. Since were all connected 24/7 now its hard to get a bit of time on your own…. and we all need it.

    The other issue is men never have that many friends.  Women tend to be the social organizers in a relationship.

    So a man on his own using a dating app will spend far too much time on one or two people cos he’s got no one else to talk too outside work. This becomes worst if they don’t have a job.

    Another issues is men act like they do at work…outside work. Its not a good idea and puts people right off.  How many times have school teachers spoken to us like kids at parent nights?  Its the same thing.

    I’d like to say it depends on the dating web site but the people all seem the same… over selling themselves and not trying to show how damaged they really are.

    I get it’s hard to meet new people once your over 30.  (I’ve not had this problem yet cos I’m only 29 & 1/79).

    Drug & and alcohol abuse is common and increased over the pandemic along with poor mental health.

    My advice would be use the cheaper dating app’s… there be less tossers. Think about all the damaged people you meet in real life and remember they will be on these sites.

    Who knows you may meet your soul mate….but more likely a man child in his 40’s or a woman looking to use you like a cash machine.

    If your looking to make friends I found the best way is shared interests…. people you have something in common with from the start.  I’d love to say something like paddle board yoga… but its only for puffs.  But I’ve made more friends picking up plastic from the beach or moaning at the council for being tvvats in the last few years.

    Maybe being part of a protested group is a good way to meet new people?  And there a few around and free to join….. and we always end up in a coffee shop or pub after  :-)






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    well jadey was ok actually  good thread this erm on line dating hmmm  ok

    1,have you ever met anybody from here?

    2,were they any good like rating fr5om 0 to ten

    3 have you ever seen a jc baby?

    4 ,would  you marry somebody from here?

    5,do you think gerrys funny?

    6  do you think  doa lives in the past?

    7,,do you reckon radders will ever get a job?

    8 do you think fair d should settle down  a bit?

    9 do you think divine is a shitt mod?

    i want somebody to do ten




    10.  does cosy have herpes or is it just dry skin?


    The problem with online dating is the sex is shit😂🤣😂


    no irs not its  exciting,better than shaggging  your  neighbours innit

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