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    ohhhh….so it was you who bought one of our Organic turkey salads rolls long name👍 lovely werent theyđŸ˜‹đŸ„• well now you know how we acquired them innit😋

    You are not wanting a refund are you :unsure:


    jols….everyone is ringing up for bliddy refunds…now they know they were not Organic turkeys….So budha’s Organic sandwich company has now went into liquidation :cry: ……….But….after a long chat with my business partners the lovely jols n dagsy👍 we will be very pleased😁 to reimburse everyone who bought a sandwich from our stoned hengers wall paper pasting tableđŸ„ł …..just pop your 16 digits off the front of your bank cards and sort code…accompanied with that silly little 3 digit number on the back…and your refund will be paid :good:


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    i went to wembley  2 years ago to see my beloved manchester  city

    i was proper munchied  up

    i espied a pizza  van thing advertising  6 quid

    im thinking  thats not a bad shout for london heres how it went



    me yeh one of them mate plz

    acne ridden======” one of wot  mate ”

    me “one of dem pizza fings”

    spotsville” there you go 6 quid

    me “wheres the rest of it””?

    nobslap ” its 6 pound a slice you dickhead”if you dont like it fack off back to manchesteret

    well we did we won the cup i said” i said hang on lads  fore we get in the van summat i gorra do

    me boys” ffs hurry up  where you off now ”

    torched his van

    nobody slaggs my home city off :negative:



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    hi guys n girls…just to let you no since budha n jols sandwich company is in liquidation… :cry: we are starting a new florist business with years of experience😁  specialising in daffodilsđŸ˜‹đŸ„•………So have no fear if you do not see any daffodils in your local areas n parks :good: ……as me n jols are selling three bunches of 6 for ÂŁ1………in posh areas :yahoo: …..three bunches ÂŁ17.99 with free deliveryđŸ„ł



    fck free deliverys they pay like the rest of em


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    fancy back packing around the world for charity jols :unsure:

    we get to see the world👍 and children’s n adults lives could be saved x


    fck free deliverys they pay like the rest of em

    :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    :yahoo:   :yahoo:



    links pantene and cheese for sale. Put your orders in here.

    I’ve spent all my holiday money more orders the better. Anything else you would like from Bolton please private message me.

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    6 pack of slazenger socks

    6 pack of french knickers

    4 pack of vests

    sun tan cream


    a couple of gola caps

    2 beach towels

    colgate toothpaste


    kappa hold all

    then i am set for my holiday :bye:




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