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    I started using computers about 1987-1989. They were basically used for a upgrade on typewriters as more could be done to save..correct easier.. and stayed internally with less paper and ledger uses. Confidentially within the business stayed. No google or social media or email.

    I been on social media jc about or over 4 years now. That it. Who cares what age drac was or not. She under age well that site problem. I never saw her write she started here at 14. So where this come from? Misinformation again as usual here?

    I also respect puds who by the way treats this fellow American fair and just. He concerned for my welfare and I appreciate that much.

    I am no weakling budha..and shyte happens. I don’t run away because I have been knocked down a few times. Makes me  only stronger for next time.

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    Linda can you have a little whisper in the worlds greatest PEACE MAKERS ear  * call me * about applying to be a moderator for this place.

    I have asked him before to an answer of…..NO

    maybe you could twist his arm as a fellow american x x

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    So how about racism, is that allowed?

    Also he misgendered me, which is illegal in Canada i guess :unsure:

    But focus on the racism, is calling someone a “filthy arab” against site rules?

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    But focus on the racism, is calling someone a “filthy arab” against site rules?

    Not banning him adds racism to the list of allowed abuse.

    Types of abuse that are allowed:

    1. Homophobia
    2. Racism

    Types of abuse that are banned:

    1. Minor disagreements with a guide



    So I see Third Echelon is still free to spout abuse as he likes.

    Chat Guides, why is he being protected?

    You said there was no exceptions to the rules.

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    wb draculina x x how are you keeping ..?


    I STILL get abusive messages such as the ones below on an almost daily basis.

    The abusers know that they are being protected by the chat guides, and that nothing will be done to prevent them.

    :wacko: :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:

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    And no, it’s not just im PM before they claim that.

    Exhibit B:

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    in *


    Thinking that Martin Reed actually cares about this is the real issue, nobody did anything when I was regularly being Doxed and having death threats made against me and my family because I am Bisexual.

    Took him years just to consider blocking the trolls, this site still has a tonne of issues that I doubt will ever be addressed.

    I agree it can be a toxic environment, I currently have Drac blocked because she randomly started trolling me a few weeks back.

    I think maybe we need to look at ourselves rather than putting so much faith in a site owner who obviously doesn’t really care about us.. most are just numbers to him.

    Point is… this thread may make people consider their actions but I doubt it will make the administration change anything.

    Consider this… Third Echelon…. one of the worse trolls that have been here for years, is STILL here lol

    My first experience of him was him violently and sexually abusing a female chatter.

    The only time Martin ever contacted me was to accuse me of trolling….

    Bottom line….. something is  super wrong with this place, the site owner doesn’t care, nothing will change… in fact I predict the re-introduction of guests at some point, this site is quite likely running at a monetary loss atm… so something will have to change.

    The Ship is sinking, The Captain is going down with the ship… the rest of us are just sitting on the poop deck having a picnic.





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