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    Well thank goodness my fillings have setteld down.No pain,and whiter teef,its all good.


    Sadly trust big issues today. Who can u trust..makes you wonder! B-)

    i don’t even trust milky anymore he is a dirty rotten scoundrel, don’t speak to me ever again from what i heard you have said about me milkman you evil little twit

    Well said Linda love could not have wrote that better myself 💖


    Well i went for weee anyways she beat me up i was totally gutted like a wee bugger i was in the wee early ours like n tthat well seen as i am not ugley or am i ugley well not sure my point is since i stripped naked for joker on skype and he ran my husbind i have had to sleep on the wee florr its bludy freezin, mizzy was my friend now i sea her true color she is ugley on inside and outside horrible two faced bakstabba do 1 hate you

    Ohh put the can of Kestrel Super Strength down you nutcase, although you nearly made sense best of luck


    Shush now cockey,dont be winding yourself in to another frenzy of pish.


    well if thats how you feel about me Linda never speak to me again DROP DEAD cannot believe i ever trusted you, what a horrible woman you really are Linda DUMPED do 1

    Bit harsh milky you don’t take rejection very well do you son B-)

    ps….. Linda is lovely you evil thicko


    LMAO RATF PML…………no bitching please or saney will have to step in and sort you all out……LMAO RATF PML

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    One of my fillings ia aching :negative:


    One of my fillings ia aching :negative:

    Oh Good do enjoy jamie f

    jamie f’s teeth ” AFTER ” her little visit to be slung back in the dentist chair for swearing at the dentist, when she seen him on the high street, and trying to punch him one on the nose, and fell over and broke her teeth.

    See the source image

    Nice fillings jamie f ;-)


    God almighty,they were bad but not that bad like.


    God almighty,they were bad but not that bad like.

    See now i have yanked your teeth out, your sense of humour is now shining through sunny daze ahead jamie f ;-)

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 60 total)

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