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    are you a fisherman? turbo sensing some hostility to cyclists here I’m no hipster mate but cycle friendly hotels mean they have a shed


    I need to buy a bike as I want to get out and about.  I am only 5ft 3 what height bike should I get?  I need my feet to be on the ground easily as not ridden a bike in years and I am accident prone and a bit of a dopey cow.

    Just a cheap one will do me.  It also needs to be able to take a heavy weight.

    Any help/advice would be really appreciated :)

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    Have to ponder little bit here. Just got off a heavy thread response. I by the way, think metal applied..
    OMG, Shiny Armor implied.

    So brings me to bikes, metal, first thing comes to mind.. recycling. Metals. Sticks in mind.. Carbons um, thinking, explain where?. need coffee and smoke break. Need to ponder this little more..

    #1064358 Hey miz…this might help you. its a calculator…you tap in your leg measurements and see what comes up. Your height in inches plus your leg in inches. You need to decide if you want a straight cross bar (bar across the top) or a ladies one that is curved easily so you can step out of the bike rather than have to stretch your leg over the saddle.

    Take that as a starter point. Post more questions if you have any.

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    Carbon bikes are made using very hot temperatures and is a very expensive process. Carbon in it’s roughest form is coal. The thing is about carbon is that it is much lighter than metals and 8 times stronger although it is very weak from the side. Things made out of carbon use a mold and the carbon is weaved in in strips and then solidifies as a solid object.

    To get carbon is a very big pollutant as the temperatures needed to extract it are awesome. China is one of the biggest manufacturers of carbon in the world and one of the biggest contributors to pollution.

    So in a way, cycles may be more efficient way to get round towns but they have created their pollution when they were made where as cars and other vehicles create pollutants all the time they are in operation.

    If it ever came in that cyclists have to pay a road tax then i think it’s fair to an extent as it helps to pay for all the cycle lanes and paths on the roads that have been put there to use but i don’t think it will ever happen personally but who knows?

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    I’ve been preparing for my bike ride this afternoon…making sure i have enough spare inner tubes. I have 6 which should be ample. Alum keys are essential for seat bolts, brakes and handle bars and i carry an adjustable spanner and pliers in case i need them and of course a micro pump which is only about 8 inches long but will pump up to 160 p.s.i  tyre pressure. 2 spare fold up tyres and some maintenance spray.

    Main thing is to carry all one needs but not more as it adds to the weight on the bike and on one’s back.

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    Oh Misterq…

    Thanks for explaining. Was not aware of any of that.. not a cycling person, sorry.. walk, and vehicle.
    4 door, four wheel drive, deep burgundy color, 2016, Honda, Accord…great on gas mileage, smooth drive, speed accerlation off ramp to highway traffic best car driven so far. Driving some time.
    And last time on bike geez long time ago. Used a banana seat think called, and gear shifting bothered me. Probably why use automatic with my standard cars use now.

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    not using my bike much these days . knees don’t help but thats not reason enough.  just too much going on and if honest cycling isn’t at top of agenda at moment.     see lots of cyclists on roads around here.mostly in lycra with helmets and gloves going at fair rate. other are kid son bikes mainly on pavements  and often doing the modern craze of ‘wheelies’. wife nearly getting knocked dover by one coming out of boots chemists.  cycling on pavements technically illegal  but isn’t enforced here in clacton and surrounds .  neither is parking on grass verges come to that lol.  cycling is good for health ( unless you get hit by one!) and many  do it for  charity  too. though last  cycle group here  was  about road safety and environment issues  called ‘naked bikers’ seems its held annually . first time  we found out when was we came out of a turning an found ourselves  following naked.apart from shoes and back packs , bikers . wife noted only one female .rest all male lol

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    I know what you mean Just H……..younger kids can be extremely dangerous on bikes on the pavements and skateboards even worse. I nearly got mowed down by a kid on a skateboard the other week , who believe it or not was skate boarding and using a mobile phone at the same time.

    There seems to be a lot of problems with ‘Sportives’ these days ( organized rides where literally hundreds of people can turn up). One can have the whole road filled with cyclists oblivious to the fact that motorists use it as well and in some places it has really caused some bad problems.

    Naked rides eh? That has to be uncomfortable if not painful. I think they do one in London every year as well. Thing is Just H…did you notice that there was only one male, the rest were all female? LOL You have a great day.


    What do you mean by the expression….’Off ramp’ to Highway Traffic Linda? Nice vehicle…Honda Accord. Quality. Seeing as i know nothing of American Highways Linda, how many lanes do they have over there as i see on T.V in a lot of these shows that they can have many lanes. Most one has in U.K is 3 lanes and 3 going the other way making 6 altogether if you see what i mean.

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