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    Since joining j.c. chat I always have at end of year shouted out….Happy Holidays. Good health, be safe and well to u and family members.. Happy New Year too!

    So have u been good? U on nice or naughty list.

    Anything u want for xmas?

    Well enjoy and see u in New Year!

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    And the same to you to Linda.Been on nice list.Just good Health and Peace to all. Is the best Christmas Present to All. :bye:


    Hey Linda

    Merry Christmas and a healthy happy New Year to you too…and everyone else reading this post

    I think I have been good..apart from teasing Kiwi (that doesn’t count cos JC isn’t real)  :whistle:



    I would also like to say merry Xmas to you all.  But alas I can’t  I’d like to say fck guides fckn useless fck kiwi proper 60 yr old virgin dickhead fck anybody who is stupid enough to reply to him fck Linda for getting it wrong and telling lies fck all the traitors who have ran to UK chat


    Let’s have a look at some of em fishy still doing his gay routine mcfc still doing his cheeky chappy I can get away with anything apart from he abandoned his kid and won’t even by his kid shoes Mr pat yeh I’m married to Tracy but pm me girls I shag you on the quiet div or should I say din he’s just nothing int h e total clown guru god I despise that man false as fun now he’s a mod there  Rosanna  utter slag maxi 2 faced bite ch more to come.


    I’d be happy if the censors stopped div dick guru false fck Rosanna slag


    LOL talk about incriminating yourself  Years ago a nick bye name of cosy fled to pats chat. Home of jc rejects. Just saying like :yahoo:


    Says kiwi who scared f poli from here  fck off you gimp.


    Anyway I didn’t flee it was just like a bit of an exodus we got a bit sick of being censored so just for a bit of fun to you old chatters name the 33 that left I start give you the first 2 obv pats fast cars.        Next?.


    I cant remember who left but i known it was the home of jc rejects like your self cosy as prime example.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 31 total)

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