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    SCEPT yes i know my spelling is rubbish, and i dont have a mental illness called – grammatical pedantry syndrome, so on a website that is not a english learning website, spelling is not important, and i understand about the topic of mental health, and i understand about horrible people, if they think they can give it they should be able to take it, no excuse for someone to be horrible to others, i am horrible when they are to me or and if they are attacking someone i like, i might defend the person i like, it depends if i know what to say at the time.

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    There’s a lot of things which are said behind the scenes which would never be muttered here, and JN has been open about some of those things, so I think the topics and forums are amazing, for some it opens up new portals to talking to people…

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    Open communication and honesty can only be appreciated in this current digital age. No longer will people have no voice.

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    Your honour.


    well, jn, there’s a difference between grammatical pedantry and trying to avoid an ugly failure to express yourself in any meaningful manner.

    If I were going to correct people for spelling and grammar, I’d be here all day. And I’m sure I’d find fault with my own posts.


    You have a go at Cosy all you wish – he doesn’t need me to defend him –

    but if you know about mental health, as you say you do, then please avoid using a mental health condition in such a demeaning and ignorant way. I notice that not even an apology was given.

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    Thank you scep. Once again for well said out thought.

    Hee me too, my errors, run on sentences, can be killer in explaining.

    My hand extended, in peace, warm regards, thank you..

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    orson kart

    Topics: 135 Replies: 1322
    grins yeh who shall I toy maul and play with first mr q for his beano jokes just nothing,for am I a retard thread lol well you know it cracks me up that of course youre a retard or you wouldn’t have to ask the question king strongbow,er well sighs the tony Blackburn of jc our resident dj.

    – [FART, response is very rubbish it is like he has a book saying – (how to be a troll), nothing new, just all what is in the book, like some type of cooking book how to make idk flapjacks, always the same with these trolls, not many if any trolls are clever u see, they seem to copy each others behavours, like i said from a book – (how to be a troll), it just makes them look even more dumb when they copy other trolls insults, also – yes i thought @orson-kart is crazy :wacko: when he thought i was being horrible to some chatter, when i asked them a ? about coding, so no shock from his answer, he might have autism or scitso, like a voice in his head saying “say he is horrible say he is horrible” lol, also I even asked him why he said I was being horrible to someone, he said he don’t know, obv a sign of scitso lol, so obv he needs better med, and a c.p.n to see if he is progressing good.]

    when are you going to learn how to quote?


    SCEPT do u like ORS, as u seem biased to him and u think i wud say sorry to someone who thinks it is ok to be horrible to others….


    SCEP a failure in what?

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    i am not shocked with LIND liking certion posts.

    ORS responses are really rubbish, i am sure he has some help how to be a troll book.

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    Not sure how much you understand, jn.

    That doesn’t mean you’re a ‘retard’ or a ‘moron’. Just not sure how much you understand.

    No I am not well-disposed to Cosy, but what I said to you has nothing to do with defending Cosy. He doesn’t need me to defend him, though I’ve already said that and I’m not sure you understand.

    I was merely pointing to your ignorance of mental health issues, and the ugly way in which you approach them.

    Are you able to understand that??

    Have you actually met anyone suffering from schizophrenia, or the pain they feel, or the fact that some of them are driven to suicide?? or the pain of a child like Peter Sedgwick whose parents both suffered from schizophrenia – that is ‘scitso’ in your elegant expression.


    My guess is that you lack emotional intelligence, so maybe you don’t. :unsure:


    My guess is that you just think in terms of how incredibly clever you are at putting down Cosy.


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