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    Sorry Andy pandy I will stick with my American partner here. MOST CASES after the fact have been proven as mental instability. Including covid lockdowns some causes, depression, substance abuse. Normal people loosing it. Family disconnection.friends. etc.

    The Texas one blows my mind. Death penalty be to sweet for him easy way out or parole. Live off the taxpayers for free. Makes me sick. They have rights in prison. What about the victims?

    So andy pandy u look up The different States and look into gun laws? As I said each are different like prostitution. Amazing when you do real research.

    And yes what about Berlin? We talking copy cat issues? U.s.a. fault?

    And kiwi Trump been out of office. Do your research. Biden to weak to come out and speak about it as those organizations contributed to his campaign. Lol.

    Get a tattoo. Love America!

    Only 4% of the violence that occurs in the United States can be attributed to people with mental illness, yet when incidents of gun violence occur, they are almost immediately associated with psychiatric illnesses.

    Dhruv Gupta, M.D psychnews logo


    Try and make an attempt to state your sources Linda, otherwise it’s just speculation on your part driven by your susceptibility to mis-information campaigns, and you wouldn’t want your mate puds trying to patheticially shoot you down, would you?



    Andy grow try to have nice debate or conversation, u twist and turn it.. my sources come from sources and not speculation..I also work within the medical field and I talk with Doctors frequently who very well qualified..obtaining knowledge from a real life person in field is better than google research in my opinion..even though it does give u courses in 101.

    U just want to control and u want us to say..right andy..u absolute right..on other hand puds and I have tried to educate in the real world we exposed with and u always disagree as we always “WRONG!”


    Are you saying that a sane person could murder a classroom of very small children, Andy?  Thank god you can’t get your hands on a gun as you are crazier than a shithouse rat.  Or bone stupid.  Maybe both.



    The hard core gun owner will obfuscate, mis-direct, confuse, avoid the question, insult, cajole, defend with ‘what about what about’…..anything to protect their fucking second amendment and their belief they are protecting themselves.

    More guns means more gun violence. It’s fucking simple but too fucking simple for gun-lovers

    The hard-core gun owner will never accept the truth.



    Hello, my name is puds,…………..and…… I’m a gun-owner.


    (All)  Welcome puds!





    Hi my name is Dandy and I’m cool  B-)

    Gun control really works  :yes:

    In the UK we have less than 7,000 gun offences yearly :yahoo:



    Offences fishpaste?  You mean illegally owning a gun?

    You poor apprentice. Try not to operate in here above your pay-grade.

    Let’s talk about deaths pasty-boy.


    A graphic showing an international comparison of gun-related killings as a percentage of all homicides in each country. The US leads with nearly 79% of all homicides occurring with guns.

    Now gun ownership

    Chart showing civilian gun ownership around the world

    Now deaths again



    Learn to use proper grown up data fish-face, not kiddies stuff



    Of course, gun lovers might want to argue that they have more nutters per 100,000 of the population than anyone else in the world, hence the much greater gun violence.

    Hmmmm, more nutters in the US than anywhere else…..

    Let me think about that for a moment…….





    …and i have thought about it. And the gun lovers are right!!

    You have to be a fucking nutter to own a fucking gun!


    It’s all so clear now…….


    There only tiny detail you missed out  :scratch:

    Illegal ownership in the UK  ;-)

    Even with control laws, people are still dying.

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