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    If Trump’s trade war with Britain does start,

    And IF it doesn’t?

    and if it gets out of control

    and IF it doesn’t?

    if QE is unable to understand what a trade war is

    And what IF he can understand?

    if it does start

    And IF it doesn’t?






    Septic hasn’t got the foggiest how global markets work. Despite his bluster and avoidance. His beloved EU Ponzi scheme sells its (excess) subsidized agricultural products all over the world but particularly to the impoverished African continent. His beloved EU NEOLIBERAL led mafia is directly responsible (in part) for keeping 3rd world regions impoverished and here he is now squealing how Trump led American retaliatory measures, might or might not, affect his snowflake liberal lifestyle back here in the UK.

    It’s perfectly acceptable to Septic that his beloved EU impoverizes Black Africans courtesy of subsidies, trade barriers and import tariffs but any measure that might or might not affect his beloved white EU and he is up in arms and raging.

    When the Chinese were dumping steel and costing UK jobs, not a squawk left Septics mouth, his obsession with Trump now, is just that.

    These white European liberal colonialists are all the same.





    arron banks strikes again!

    this time posing as the champion of African peasants.

    3 out of 10 for an understanding of how the 3rd world is screwed by the West – Brtiain and the USA as well as the EU.

    Next time read Michael Barratt Brown’s book, After Imperialism (critically) and Andre Gunder Frank’s books on development and underdevelopment in Latin America. Then update them, referring to the role of the US dollar as the world’s trading currency.

    (thinks – who let this guy into Merton???)




    No, the disingenuous liberal snowflake strikes again, misquting the limited ammount I actually went into and out of context, to fit into his crayon drawn view of the world because he is intrinsically dishonest by nature. Quotes a few random authers he has googled to give an impression he is learned about this specific subject. A fake flake who can’t provide evidence and hard facts so fills his posts with ifs and buts and maybes.

    Doing his juvenile name dropping again. Arron Banks this time, who has achieved more in one life time than liberal snowflake over there will achieve in 100.

    The educated and well regarded Michael Portillo (who doesn’t spend time on internet chatsites being a know it all know nothing gobsh*te) summed up snowflake perfectly last night on This Week. A  ‘paternal’ Remain class of white middle class men who bully all and sundry in their attempt to stomp on anyone who doesn’t share their views of the world.




    Very simply, sadly perhaps, when I look at a Trade War no matter for who, my thoughts immediately go to….who is going to get the a better price….then those who benefit, those who may not. Seems again a cost to the people in some form. Those laborers in charge may get more..offer less to those who get the job done under their employee. This due to supply, demand, need…even cost to obtain materials. Profits may be obtained, but when filtered down to the people who actually responsible to get things done, who actually getting the it the little guy who does the hard work.? The guy who dictates guide lines, owns the company? But a cost to him as well, because he then has to pay back bigger to goverment for getting the job done, and succeeding most. So that person gets a loss eventually of the profits because has to pay back in taxes to his government. What a cycle in my opinion…


    America is just as entitled to protect her economic interests as the EU mafia is.

    If Trump’s trade war with Britain does start, and if it gets out of control, then let Gerry explain this to the people who shop in a supermarket and the people who lose their jobs.

    In the meantime, because I really don’t understand, could you tell me, Gerry, in what way Trump is trying to develop a protectionist racket, and a Ponzi scheme??

    Second time asking, though I don’t think I’ll get anything but abuse because he doesn’t know the answer. The Daily Mail/Arron Banks trick, when faced with opposition. Start kicking up a major cloud of dust.

    “lose jobs” .. do you watch the news , people are dropping like flies in the job market have been for years long before any “Brexit”


    Sorry if you thought it patronising, Ms M,

    but if QE is unable to understand what a trade war is, and thinks it the same as trade competition, then it has to be explained.

    I was shocked that I had to explain it, because you’ve no need to have an Economic Phd to understand the difference between trade and a trade war.

    What Gerry calls Trump protecting America, everybody else calls a trade war.

    And while Trump thinks a trade war is good because America always wins,

    it’s been explained to him by all of his trade people until he sacked them that nobody wins a trade war. Everybody loses. It may be patronising to say this to Trump, but he is following his own wayward path.

    I think it’s two weeks before the trade war opens. Let’s hope he changes his mind (not unknown), and let’s hope that if it does start it doesn’t get out of control.

    Your arguments are ridiculous, every “trade” is looking to benefit the respective parties involved.. are you implying in trades everyone is looking out for one another instead of their own interests?


    Bottom line if you think about it in simple form…who gains, who profits, who can keep up, and those who can’t. Who has money to hire, and who hires paying the most as can afford too…those who hire limited amount cause can not afford to hire more..



    Second time asking, though I don’t think I’ll get anything but abuse because he doesn’t know the answer. The Daily Mail/Arron Banks trick, when faced with opposition. Start kicking up a major cloud of dust.


    I never actually noticed this. The liberal snowflake waving his big rod again. You said exactly the same thing with Nigel Farage and about the murder of Jo Cox. You type aggressive statements that say nothing and when you get a response you then demand a full explanation like a petulant child. You just keep having the same aggressive conversation over and over again and expect a different outcome each time.


    You’re an angry little man Septic stuck in a middle class liberal bubble that bears no relation to the real world.





    Misterq, u made excellent point on those who obtain public office, or higher office have great deal of money..

    If I may from knowledge, many really don’t want to be bothered by politics. They know however freedom allowed, registered voter, obligation to do so…

    So only way really decide to make choice  from what I hear, see, told to me year before election. Those running for higher offices pay big dollars to market themself.  Pay to media,  have flyers made  and dropped off in your mailbox by the postal man helpful… commercials so forth..Most I discuss with say u see that commercial, u read that in newspaper, seem to know, have experience..they really have no idea about those people, go what told, read, see.

    Regan was actor, many aware of him long time career. Trump business entities many many years. But if u or I run for public office, poor, no money, people not know us. U think they vote for u? No… me, nope.



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