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    Watch Missing Princess   BBC 4 i think, just google it ,,,,, all those tourists, oo ing and arring   shameful….  yea  God will intervene against all this torture and cruelty at some point.  hopefully in the next 100 years … he does like to mull things over ..  should ppl visit spend money in a ‘state’ like that ?   I wouldn’t !!  not now

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    Do you think God will intervene against the ideological war currently being waged against the lower classes, the poor and the destitue here in the UK Moose.

    A “centrist” establishment that allows Boris Jonhson to apologize for omitting to reveal his income outside parliament, 9 times, while that same establishment imprisons the lower classes for not declaring their income on DWP forms a single time in most cases and a mininmum of 16 weeks in prison and then of course it is described as ‘benefit fraud’ by the “centrist” establishment, “centrist” regime that imprisons people for not paying a tv licence…

    A “centrist” liberal establishment that ‘sanctions’ people dying of cancer and literally on their death bed for failing to attend a Job Centre appointment and having their welfare halted as a direct consequence of dying. Nick Clegg and the lib dems so called welfare reform and continued with much gusto by the current May regime.

    Hordes of pissheads making some major town centres and cities no go zones late at night, a knife crime epidemic that makes America look civilized in comparison. A police force that is so starved of funds that if you live on a poor council estate in West London and have been mugged or burgled you are given immediately a crime number for your insurance and the police more than likely won’t even attend in person but if you are wealthy and live in a postcode a mere 1 mile away and are a victim of the same crime the same police will attend in under five minutes.

    A homelessness epidemic which is killing 100s of rough sleepers and forcing 100s of 1000s more into unsutable accommodation, including families with children. Excess winter deaths among the elderly rocketing, a health system where it is becoming night on impossible to get a same day appointment with a GP.

    A “centrist” establishment that is currently engaged in an ideological war that demonizing the elderly for voting Brexit, branding them ignorant and racist and by doing so are suggesting they are of no value to our society in the future and which is reflected in the shocking state of social care in this country.

    Dubai is far from perfect but come on, don’t hold the UK up as a shining beacon of “liberal” freedom and democracy, because it quite simply is not.



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    God isn’t a person. If any new intervention is planned, then I’ll be a shocked as everyone else.

    There was me thinking it was Gordon Brown who branded one old woman as racist and ignorant, long before Brexit.

    How is the ‘Establishment’ (an old-fashioned term which conceals more than it reveals) be ‘centrist’??? Would a right-wing Establishment (and there are many paid-up members of the Old Boys Club now using the language of ‘the people’) be any better?


    Watch Missing Princess BBC 4 i think, just google it ,,,,, all those tourists, oo ing and arring shameful…. yea God will intervene against all this torture and cruelty at some point. hopefully in the next 100 years … he does like to mull things over .. should ppl visit spend money in a ‘state’ like that ? I wouldn’t !! not now

    I saw that program Mooose.I dont care where people go on holiday or what they spend there money on,there busines.

    I did feel very sorry for that young woman.The onley freedom she had was sky diving,can you imagin that.A very brave young woman,she dident just moan about it all,she escaped twice knowing she could be killed.Woman have no say in that country,its a case of not seen and not heard.I really hope she is alive and that she helped in some way changed things.Perhabs if Dubai can change so quikley from a dusty old town to the las vagus of the middle east in 50 years,then there might be a chance that some of the laws on people can change too.I wont hold my breath though.I think evryone who watched that film would want to know how she is.


    Ge I agree with everything you say, all of it, I certainly wasn’t holding up the UK as a shining example of anything !! Jamie, it won’t change over there, because although they ‘appear’ to be a modern country the differences are fundamentally cultural. Under the facade they believe their culture, dominated by men and why on earth would they want to change it ?



    Of course I agree Moose. Adding the caveat that when British Princesses go AWOL they then die in mysterious car crashes in the Pont de l’Alma in Paris when they are pregnant with their Muslim partners’ child. Plus, I am just adding a different flavor to your thread. *smiley face*

    My argument is that underlying British culture is not at all that different to the culture in Dubai and that if you substitute “women” in Dubai for the “poor” in the UK the culture is then exactly the same (except of course the method applied to achieve that domination).

    A recent poll has found that young people do not believe in paying more tax to sustain our once world class public services. The same young people Remain want to champion in another referendum. This is the society the so called “centrist” liberal middle class have now created, a society dominated by white university educated middle class men with so called liberal values and a younger liberal generation with no values at all when it comes to sustaining the public sector, of which of course the lower classes are most most reliant on.

    I’ll save my controversial views on foodbanks for another time I don’t want to hijack your thread. x






    So now the young are the élite enemies??


    Figures, given the mindset. I wish I could say it was just Gerry’s own weird mindset, but it’s not. He’s not weird at all in holding to this. It’s a particular set of ideas being pushed since the reaction against the financial crisis of 10 years ago and the resulting austerity

    The poll is very interesting. Read it carefully, and bear in mind the RSA thinktank’s approach and mission. Is a different reading possible??

    We know Gerry’s reading of this. Does anyone differ? I’m genuinely interested in what others think.





    Woman cant marry withought permisson,woman cant open a bank account withought permission,they can leave there home alone or travel withought permission.They cant dress as they wish,nor can they interact with men.They cant seek important medical treatment nor have custady of there children in the avent of divorce.

    I can onley imagin the punishment for breaking these laws.

    I am scared to imagin what punishment that princess is getting if she is still alive.I can understand that she is the doughter of a crown prince,and that her safty is a factor in them not wanting her traveling the world withought protection,however her father is alowed to travel.

    I am sure it will take a very long time to relax some of the clasical sharia laws.I do think its time though that woman are given some rights.All they want is human rights.These principles and laws were written thousands of years ago.As you say Mooose its the men who are stopping woman getting there human rights.

    For me iv never wanted to go to Dubai.I watch the news,i have seen that people have been arrested and tortured.Jurnalists.acadmics,arrested asked to become spies.People for having a kiss on the beach,for having a drink.I have no interest in the money or bling,id rather go to Egypt for the historey.Never seems to be the right time though,there always seems to be danger or some uprising.

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    A few western myths need to be dispelled I think.

    The UAE is ranked as a leading country in gender equality in the region, according to the World Economic Forum.

    Women in the UEA have increasing roles in government, the state sector, business and the military. The Constitution of the UAE guarantees equal rights for both men and women. Under the Constitution, women enjoy the same legal status, claim to titles, access to education, the right to practice professions, and the right to inherit property as men. Women are also guaranteed the same access to employment, health and family welfare facilities.

    77% of Emirati women enroll in higher education after secondary school and make up 70% of all university graduates in the UAE. 46% of UAE university graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are women.The literacy rate of women in the UAE is 95.8%.

    Women graduates in the UAE excel in government, engineering, science, health care, media, computer technology, law, commerce, business, entrepreneurship and the energy industry. The UAE is the first country in the region to enact legislation requiring female board members in every company and government agency.




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