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    Sorry Viewers wrong channell :bye:


    jols what ever happened to the good old days when we used to drink from a friday ….go to the match on a saturday n bash all t other clubs up…then go down town all night…then have a lock in…then try n find our ways home to sleep until the next friday….. :unsure:



    ‘Football hooligan’ gangs apparently still meet up for tear ups but it is just more discreet and less overt. It was never really about football though was it, football was just the vehicle for that violence. Working-class kids from run-down shit towns venting.

    Royal Bolton [email protected] on a weekend is like a war zone with young drunks comparing war wounds and clogging up vital resources for people who really deserve them.

    Football hooligans are easy to spot. They all joined the EDL, are all over 40 and all have fat bellies and bald heads. 🤓👴👈



    Ge….. babe you is sooooooo wrong hun  :-(

    The teenage brain is still developing. And the part of the brain that’s responsible for what’s called, like, executive decision-making – judgment – isn’t fully developed yet. It’s still starting to develop when kids are in their teens.

    It takes, often, into your early 20s and possibly late-20s and, you know, maybe even beyond for the brain to fully mature to adult levels. And one of the main drivers of this is the way our brain connects regions to each other inside the brain. These connection tracts have to be insulated for very fast signalling.  And we have a natural insulation that’s similar to the insulation around an electrical wire, which is usually a, you know, rubber insulation. We have something – a natural insulation – called myelin. It’s a fat, and it takes time – cells have to build myelin, and they grow it around the outside of these tracts. And that takes years.

    In older men a lack of impulse control may be associated with certain neurological disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It may also be related to an intersecting group of conditions known as impulse control disorders (ICDs)




    Hee Hee.


    I have no idea what place your random thoughts come from DOA in context to what I wrote and I also had no idea that you are a neuroscientist, my apologies for the misunderstanding.


    Pass the soap DOA. Kettle, books, flying hat on a cake stand. Oi Oi I do love a hamlet cigar.


    The Guardian undertook a detailed study on this subject.


    “The average England football hooligan is aged 25 to 44, has an above-average income, is likely to be single, and prefers to travel to away games.”

    Your theory (googled via some shit link) is TERRIBLE and even by your standards and of course is totally IRRELEVANT as there are far too many variables involved.





    Doa, while you are watching me watch you watch them can you answer this, please.

    My whole office once got a bollocking because I drew a p***s with a glue stick on the whiteboard and when the manager went to wipe off the board all the fluff came off and stuck to the glue. I never got in trouble for it because my whole office found it too funny to tell the manager it was me and I might be a bird but really I am a flower before I fell off a bank into a wheely bin.


    What am I?







    The Guardian?


    Errr they mite be right looking at this vid….  to me this looks like a group of lads drunk on cheap booze kicking off on a sat nite  :scratch:

    But I still hold on to my original idea: lack of impulse control.

    Looking back over my own records for apprenticeships for the last 20 years… 1 in 3 end up in court for doing something really really really  stupid before they turn 25.  Most of them got fines & tags. And the dumbest one of all broke both his legs trying to steal a flag from the Place pier.

    Football seems to have nothing to do with it  B-)





    This is my theory DOA hun bun,

    The internet and text messaging are fuelling a practice known as ‘dogging’ that involves chasing football hooligans across village greens naked. Health chiefs in Kent have taken to posting messages on sites promoting “dogging” – warning of a rise in sexually transmitted diseases and violence.

    They say the craze may be partially responsible for rises in chlamydia, HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis, broken jaws, and black eyes.

    More than 20,000 people have registered with one UK “dogging” newsgroup.

    Dogging is an extension of “swinging” parties – and involves exhibitionist sex in semi-secluded locations such as car parks or country parks and is leading to a rise in football hooliganism and England looking more like Wales every day.

    The location of dogging “events” is now frequently advertised on websites or communicated via mobile phone text message.

    Those attracted by these messages may simply act as voyeurs – or be invited to participate and regular ‘doggers’ now report the rise in football-related violence is killing the sport.


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