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    Doa, while you are watching me watch you watch them can you answer this, please.

    My whole office once got a bollocking because I drew a p***s with a glue stick on the whiteboard and when the manager went to wipe off the board all the fluff came off and stuck to the glue. I never got in trouble for it because my whole office found it too funny to tell the manager it was me and I might be a bird but really I am a flower before I fell off a bank into a wheely bin.

    What am I?


    A man child who lives with his mum….. who still buys his clothes from Littlewood’s catalogue  B-)



    A man child who lives with his mum….. who still buys his clothes from Littlewood’s catalogue

    What sort of lowly 80s peasant are you DOA, a real man buys his clobber from Grattan.




    It was never really about football though was it, football was just the vehicle for that violence. Working-class kids from run-down shit towns venting.

    Football seems to have nothing to do with it

    Do keep up old boy, have a little lie-down, and rest your weary head.




    =please dont get me involved  me  in this i was expecting proper stories about FOOTBALL stories not soccer

    bud you are a dickslice  soccer fck off


    heres my top ten hairiest bob yer kex grounds from about 1980 to 200

    1 leeds

    2 sheff utd


    4 nottingham forest

    5 burnley

    6 millwall

    7 chelsea

    8 whu

    9 oddly enough carlisle

    10 one for tiger woking

    yeh the woking massiv sorted us right out

    theres no eleven cos i never mention yoonited from salford

    or those bin dipping coonts from down the east lancs road,


    We grew up..


    ps middlesbro smashed our coach up

    i was freezing


    smeggy fux


    Me and danechip are related I think :scratch:

    He’s from Kettering and most of my family are on the war memorial there.   I’d like to add a few more too but they keep jumping out the way  :cry:

    Can you pop on a Grattan summer dress and sandals, then post a pic?




Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 51 total)

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