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    What makes you feel proud? What makes you feel good at the end of the day?


    My children.  Nothing else does.

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    Agree Mizzy 100%..

    Was going to say birth, as had many complications, not knowing if both of us would make it, or just one of us..

    Also birth of a horse. My cousin in Wales here at that time, eyeing mare and horse vet on the way. Never saw that type of birth. The sound of the whiny knowing pain or feeling for the horse… kneeling down as head and nose reached my knee rubbing, providing comfort.. the vet came. Something about horse foal twisted, maybe legs issue. Running outside of barn while they worked on horse, crying like a real baby think was 24 at that time. Dropping to knees, praying…half hour later being called in all fine and watching mother clean her baby off, and baby trying to stand still as first bath taking place.

    End of day, finally resting and thinking of nice things that happened…

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    My children, always.

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    a decision to try justchat as a social networking site

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    I ate two whole chickens once

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    As a male, I`m not sure sprouting children is something that’s not just natural?

    In that case I`m proud of enabling a slapper to have a kid.


    In terms of achievement is has to be getting a World Record.






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    Alright Scep..

    Will let you be straight up and up… with that reply…


    Come on…let guard down….little bit……please. pretty pretty please..little something….. Hee Hee….


    Linda- you really talk/type like a NYer.

    When you come to London can you bring some Jolly Ranchers candy and I`ll get you VIP to a Fabric/Egg or MOS.




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    Awesome, really.. may I ask if that can be shared? If not, understand.

    Oops NO NO, maybe you should not.
    But great in any event….

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