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    So a monsoon is worse than your dog dying k?utter boĺox  just sit inside innit and a so called monsoon aka it’s pouring down goes away after a bit a dogs death is eternal so go and swivel and sit on this you neek


    let me check back to see if you asked if everyone is ok…………nope…it was Linda….I replied to Linda…..I cant see me comparing the monsoon weather down south to Archie dying….please point it out at  your leisure…..and by the way this must be the 4th time at least you have killed Archie off….so shut the fukc up Cosy


    now back to the weather…… we have intervals of monsoon weather. so not so bad….


    But he is dead he was murdered anyway let’s not fall about it eh life’s too short.



    Don’t sweat the small stuff..


    Well if truly died. Sorry to read jolly



    Th ĺinda for your concern x but sadly it’s true Archie was murdered and i  put it this way there’s a lot of reprisal revenge attacks going on its too much to type

    Ring me please.


    Kent did he ever pay you back? or was it just a gift he to

    ok .🙍




    used to pop in most mornings and just before lunch .Kent used to be around in those days too.  these days odd visitor and Kiwi  as regular backstop. just in a different time zone so conversations are not exactly  riveting.  shame as was a really lively chat room once.  no idea where everybody has  gone .no doubt other chat rooms they enjoy.  I end up talking to myself but so far ..not answered  :wacko:  lol


    I pop over the road now and again but its not the same. Saying that theres not that many people that used to chat here over there. Would like to see this place busy again but thinks it needs Marten to invest and advertise its ass off!

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 40 total)

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