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    Kent did he ever pay you back? or was it just a gift he to

    ok .ūüôć

    No! He never paid me…although the transactions were all made with JC Currency¬† ;-)


    used to pop in most mornings and just before lunch .Kent used to be around in those days too. these days odd visitor and Kiwi as regular backstop. just in a different time zone so conversations are not exactly riveting. shame as was a really lively chat room once. no idea where everybody has gone .no doubt other chat rooms they enjoy. I end up talking to myself but so far ..not answered :wacko: lol

    Deffo not in any other chat room for me H


    things change.  not always for better .  one or two of us still clinging on here :yahoo:


    That’s it. Maybe we need the Klingons.


    Yeh but we don’t want to pile on the pressure :-(


    :mail: what to say. chat def downhill but was fun when it was working well and had quite a few regulars :)


    It’s horrible innit h when you’ve been the last poster on the boards for over a week¬† shall I start a new¬† thread? It be right up your street. On one condition you have to reply. :mail:


    Hi cosy, Kenty and anyone else still around.
    long time and all that. Be well x

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    Hello f politics .Good to see some regs  not the dregs come back to jc.Hope all is well  fpoliticsxx :good:


    Poli xx

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)

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